Wicker Bread Baskets

Wicker Bread Baskets

31 products

Complete the look of your kitchen with a hand made wicker bread basket. Browse our selection of sizes and styles to find the perfect fit for your kitchen. The only thing they’re missing is a loaf of fresh bread and other tasty treats.

    31 products
    Antique Wash Wooden Handle Tray
    from £15.00
    Sustainable willow tray basket with gingham lining holding an array of pastries and bread
    Willow Tray Basket
    Flat Split Willow Tray
    from £13.00
    Rectangular Straight-Sided Tray
    from £14.00
    Light Steamed Flat Tray
    Double Steamed Wicker Storage Tray
    from £14.00
    Shallow Rectangular Water Hyacinth Storage Basket Set of 3 Example
    Shallow Rectangular Water Hyacinth Storage Basket Example Inset
    Shallow Rectangular Water Hyacinth Storage Basket
    from £19.00
    Dark Wooden Tray Top Down View
    Dark Wooden Tray Front
    Dark Wooden Tray
    Autumn Double Steamed Willow Tray With Lining Set 2 as a Pair
    Autumn Double Steamed Willow Tray With Lining Set 2 Front View
    Autumn Double Steamed Willow Tray With Lining Set 2
    Collection of Rattan shallow baskets
    Handmade shallow basket
    Rattan Shallow Basket
    from £24.00
    24Cm Round Buff Willow Tapered Tray
    Antique Wash Wicker Tray
    from £13.00
    Antique Wash Round Packing Tray
    Light Steamed Square Split Willow Tray
    Shallow Heart Cut-Out Tray
    from £10.00
    Shallow Display Plinth Tray
    from £9.00
    Antique Wash Tapered Tray
    from £15.00
    Grey Paper Rope Tray
    from £15.00
    Red Paper Rope Tray
    from £13.00
    Oak Effect Small Wooden Storage Tray
    Light Steamed Round Tray
    Mini Bowl
    Dark Brown Bamboo Packing Tray
    from £9.00
    Black Paper Rope Tray
    from £13.00
    Oak Effect Mini Wooden Storage Tray
    Light Steamed Display Tray
    Rectangular Seagrass Tray
    from £13.00
    Antique Wash Straight-Sided Tray
    from £14.00
    Chipwood Tray
    from £12.00
    Rectangular Bread Display Tray
    from £33.00
    Shallow Wicker Tray
    from £13.00
    Flat Wicker Display Tray
    from £32.00

    Handmade Wicker Bread Baskets For The Kitchen

    Add a touch of tradition to your kitchen. Our rustic wicker bread baskets are handmade by local craftspeople in the traditional way. Crafted from the same natural wicker as our other kitchen storage solutions, they seamlessly complement each other, creating a harmonious and cohesive look.

    We have lined bread baskets, good for containing crumbs! We also have larger, display baskets for loaves or a bigger selection of pastries and breads, great for hosting a big breakfast.

    Bread Basket FAQs

    A bread basket is a basket for carrying bread, pastries or rolls. Bread baskets are particularly useful when hosting a party, providing effortless transportation and serving options for guests.

    Start by gently tapping out any excess crumbs from the basket. Then, using a damp cloth, wipe down the basket, being careful not to make it too wet as this could harm the wicker. After cleaning, use a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture and allow the basket to air dry completely before refilling it with bread.

    To prevent crumbs from getting into the cracks of your basket, you can line it with clean linen, so it is both practical and beautiful. Or if you want to prevent hassle, get a pre-lined basket such as this elegant willow tray. Then place your bread, rolls or pastries inside the basket and serve.

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