Wicker Toilet Roll Storage Baskets

Wicker Toilet Roll Storage Baskets

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At Northern Willow, we understand the importance of having a clean, tidy and well organised bathroom. These wicker toilet roll storage baskets are the perfect solution, providing an aesthetically pleasing and convenient storage option. The hand made wicker construction is beautifully finished, each unique piece adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom. There are different styles available and can be used for more than just toilet roll storage. We use ours to store bathroom toiletries, magazines and clean face cloths.
    5 products
    Round 3 Toilet Roll Holder
    Wicker willow toilet roll storage basket with lid
    Willow rectangular toilet basket with lid
    Rectangular Toilet Basket With Lid
    Small Under Bench Basket With Cordura Lining
    Wicker oval toilet roll storage basket
    Oval Wicker storage basket
    Oval Toilet Roll Holder Basket
    Oval Rattan Log Basket with Cordura Lining
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    A Beautiful Solution For Toilet Roll Storage

    Storage made simple. The bathroom is one of the most important places in any home, but it's also one of the hardest to keep tidy. Our toilet roll storage baskets are a great option to keep your toiletries in one place, and our lidded options help keep items dust-free. They also look great with our range of laundry baskets or other bathroom storage solutions, giving your décor a put together look.

    If your bathroom needs tidying up then you're in luck!

    Toilet Roll Storage FAQs

    To keep your toilet rolls or toiletries dry and organised, it is best to keep them in a dedicated storage place. Bathrooms can be small, so having toilet roll storage is useful, convenient, and helps to keep the area free from clutter.

    If you have a guest bathroom it is a good idea to keep your spare toilet rolls in sight. Using a toilet roll storage basket keeps them neatly tidied away but easily accessible, meaning guests don’t have to ask.

    This depends on the type of basket you choose as all sizes can hold different amounts. They range from holding 3 to 9 toilet rolls, depending on which basket you select. 

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