Wicker Bike Baskets

Wicker Bike Baskets

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At Northern Willow, we love to make practical wicker baskets with a purpose. That’s why we’ve put together this stylish collection of bike baskets to help you store your items while out on a ride.

Add some 'Parisian Chic' to your shopping trip with one of our stylish wicker bike baskets. Perfect for carrying your groceries and available in a selection of sizes and styles to suit any cyclist.

    6 products
    Wicker Bicycle Basket Side View
    Wicker Bicycle Basket Example
    Wicker Bicycle Basket
    Heritage Oval Bike Basket
    Small Bicycle Basket Side
    Small Bicycle Basket Example
    Small Bicycle Basket
    Child's Bicycle Basket Side
    Child's Bicycle Basket Front View
    Kid's Bike Basket
    Heritage Pot-Bellied Bike Basket
    Heritage Rectangular Bike Basket Use
    Heritage Rectangular Bike Basket Front
    Heritage Rectangular Bike Basket

    Sturdy and Stylish Wicker Bike Baskets

    Like all of our outdoor baskets, our wicker bike baskets are made from traditional, hard-wearing materials. Handcrafted to be strong and weather resistant, our baskets will keep their contents safe on your bike ride. If you’re looking for a front bike basket or even children's wicker bike basket then this is the place. 

    We have a variety of shapes and sizes available, from our pot-bellied bike basket to our child’s bike basket, there’s something to suit every need.

    Bike Basket FAQs

    Our baskets attach on the front of the handlebars of any bike, due to its 2x 25 cm straps that hold it in place. Ensure that you choose either a full sized basket or a child’s basket to make sure it fits. If you’re still uncertain, measure the space between the handlebars and the front wheel to ensure that there is still adequate space, and compare this to the basket’s listed dimensions.

    All of our bike baskets are designed to fit in front of the bike’s handlebars. The straps will not be in the correct position to hold onto the back of the bike, so it won’t stand upright!

    To attach the bike basket to your bike, simply pull the real-leather strap around the bike’s metal frame and attach. It’s really that simple!

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