Cutlery Holders

Cutlery Holders

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Looking for the perfect way to corral your cutlery? Look no further than our wicker cutlery holders. Made from naturally-sourced wicker, these pieces add a chic touch to any dining table and include a carrying handle for easy transport. Great for holding cutlery, carrying condiments and making sure you have everything to set the table.

    15 products
    Wicker cutlery basket
    Wicker Cutlery Holder
    from £19.00
    Wine Carrier
    from £27.00
    Rectangular Straight-Sided Tray
    from £14.00
    Light Steamed Flat Tray
    Oak Effect Square 4 Section Cutlery Holder
    Kitchen Storage Basket Set of 3 Stacked
    Kitchen Storage Basket Set of 3 Stacked Inside
    Kitchen Storage Basket Set of 3
    Dark Wooden Packing Trough Top View
    Dark Wooden Packing Trough Far View
    Dark Wooden Packing Trough
    Dark Wooden Tray Top Down View
    Dark Wooden Tray Front
    Dark Wooden Tray
    Antique Wash Wicker Tray
    from £13.00
    Shallow Heart Cut-Out Tray
    from £10.00
    Shallow Display Plinth Tray
    from £9.00
    Dark Brown Bamboo Packing Tray
    from £9.00
    Black Paper Rope Tray
    from £13.00
    Antique Wash Straight-Sided Tray
    from £14.00
    Chipwood Tray
    from £12.00

    Wicker Cutlery Baskets With Form And Function

    Our cutlery holders are the perfect accessory for your tabletop. Hand-made using traditional weaving techniques,  our durable wicker adds a rustic look to your home that pairs beautifully with our other ranges of basket ware. Why not pair your cutlery holder with a basket for napkins or a larger style for placemats. We have a wide range of different kitchen storage baskets to suit your needs and aesthetic.

    Cutlery Holder FAQs

    Before cleaning you cutlery holder, make sure that it is empty. Get a cloth that is dampened with warm soapy water and give your basket a wipe down. Make sure it is fully dry before putting your cutlery back.

    Our cutlery holders are very versatile and can be used to carry general utensils, condiments and small bottles, rolled up napkins and more! We also use ours as a gardening caddy, it neatly houses garden snips, gloves, small tools and seed packets. We also have dedicated gardening baskets, useful for larger items or harvesting.

    Yes, wicker cutlery holders can be versatile storage solutions and may also be used for organising other items such as craft supplies, office supplies, or small kitchen accessories. However, it's essential to consider the size and shape of the compartments to ensure they are suitable for your intended use.

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