Willow Christmas Decorations

Willow Christmas Decorations

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Christmas is the most magical time of the year, and your house should reflect this. Our stylish collection of handmade willow Christmas decorations are the perfect addition to make any room sparkle. Whether it's our tasteful wicker Christmas tree skirt perfect for hiding that unsightly stand or the classic hanging star , we have everything to create your perfect festive home.
    24 products
    Hanging White Wicker Angel Decoration
    Set Of 2 Hanging Cut-Out Christmas Trees
    Set Of 3 Hanging Glitter Star Decorations
    Sold Out
    Wooden Snowflake Box
    White Wash Table Top Xmas Tree
    Antique wash Wicker star hangable decoration
    Antique Wash Full Star
    Large Antique Wash Star
    White Wash Wicker Star
    Antique Wash Table Top Xmas Tree
    Set of 3 Hanging Glitter Christmas Tree Decorations
    Small Antique Wash Ring / Wreath Closeup
    Small Antique Wash Ring / Wreath
    White Wash Open Star Front
    White Wash Open Star
    Reindeer Cut-Out Wooden Box Front Side View
    Reindeer Cut-Out Wooden Box Front On View
    Reindeer Cut-Out Wooden Box
    Black Shredded Paper (4Kg)
    Vintage Star Cut-Out Box Front Side
    Vintage Star Cut-Out Box Star Detail
    Vintage Star Cut-Out Box
    from £23.00
    White Wash Christmas Tree
    Heat Shrinkable Cellophane Bags
    Heat Shrinkable Cellophane Bags
    Small Heart Wreath With Red Spotty Ribbon
    Flat Antique Star Front
    Flat Antique Wash Star side
    Flat Antique Wash Star
    Antique Wash Open Star Front
    Antique Wash Open Star
    Christmas Tree Skirt
    from £26.00
    Large Grey Wicker Heart
    from £17.00
    Wicker Christmas Tree Decoration
    Antique Wash Christmas Tree Decoration
    Wooden Star Box


    Handmade Willow Christmas Decorations 

    At Northern Willow, we get so excited about the Christmas period and love using our wicker Christmas decorations around the home. Handmade from natural fast-growing rattan, our willow Christmas decorations are both durable and elegant. They can be used year after year to transform your home into a Christmas grotto. They also match brilliantly with our range of wicker display baskets and make excellent gifts for loved ones. 

    Our wicker Christmas tree decorations are some of our favourites. Choose from our white wash to our antique wash tee decorations. Or, if you’re looking to show some love this Christmas, check out our wicker heart wreaths.

    Wicker Christmas Decorations FAQs

    At Northern Willow, we offer a variety of willow Christmas decorations, including wreaths, ornaments and tree toppers. One of our favourites is the large grey wicker heart.

    Christmas Eve boxes are a great way to kick off the festivities leading up to the big day. Why not try filling your box with items guaranteed to spark the Christmas spirit? A fluffy pair of Christmas pyjamas, a delicious pack of hot chocolate, creamy Christmas chocolates, classic willow Christmas decorations and a Christmas film is a great way to do this. 

    For more inspiration, take a look at our article, ‘How To Make A Gift Basket For Birthdays, Christmas, & More!’

    Buying willow Christmas decorations is a great way to make sure you have sustainable, environmentally conscious decorations this festive season.  At Northern Willow, all our wicker products are made from sustainably sourced materials so you can have faith knowing your Christmas is magical and ethical.

    The centrepiece of any Christmas-decorated home is undoubtedly the Christmas tree. This beloved decoration graces most homes during the festive season, regardless of whether it's adorned with classic greens and reds or vibrant pinks.

    Christmas trees date back to Roman times when people decorated their homes with evergreen boughs to mark the beginning of the solstice. They celebrated this event as it signified the upcoming growth of fruit and greenery on their farms.

    Our wicker and rattan Christmas tree ornaments can be placed wherever you want in your home but some of our favourite spots include: 

    • Kitchen table 
    • Hallway shelf
    • Bookshelves

    Our wicker Christmas tree is perfect for living rooms, entryways, and dining areas, creating a festive focal point. Additionally, it can make a charming addition to porches or sunrooms, bringing Christmas cheer both indoors and out.

    Absolutely! At Northern Willow, we think wicker Christmas decorations make a lovely Christmas present. We also offer gift wrapping and direct shipping options to make the process as easy as possible for you.

    Store your willow decorations in a cool, dry place. Use protective wrapping, such as bubble wrap or tissue paper, to prevent damage and maintain their shape.

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