Slim Laundry Baskets

Slim Laundry Baskets

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Our slim laundry baskets are the perfect way to add simple and stylish storage solutions to tight spaces in your home. From sleek and slim wicker baskets made especially for laundry, or for loo roll storage, our wicker baskets fit perfectly into the modern English home whilst offering a traditional flair. View our seasonal collection, below. 

    12 products
    Wicker oval toilet roll storage basket
    Oval Wicker storage basket
    Oval Toilet Roll Holder Basket
    Wicker willow toilet roll storage basket with lid
    Willow rectangular toilet basket with lid
    Rectangular Toilet Basket With Lid
    Round 3 Toilet Roll Holder
    Antique Wash Wicker Umbrella Stand
    Wicker umbrella stand basket
    Antique Wash Umbrella Stand
    from £43.00
    Slim Laundry Hamper Basket
    Malmö Openwork Laundry Storage Basket Pair High View
    Malmö Openwork Laundry Storage Basket Side By Side
    Malmö Openwork Laundry Storage Basket
    from £51.00
    Boutique White Wash Storage Laundry Hamper With Lining Small Front
    Boutique White Wash Storage Laundry Hamper With Lining Small Open
    Boutique White Wash Storage Laundry Hamper With Lining
    from £61.00
    14 Inch White-Washed Empty Wicker Hamper Basket Empty
    14 Inch White-Washed Empty Wicker Hamper Basket
    from £28.00
    Square Rattan Umbrella Basket
    Round Rattan Umbrella Basket
    Round Grey Rattan Log Basket
    Round Grey Rattan Log Basket Detail with Towels
    Round Grey Rattan Log Basket
    from £42.00
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    Antique Wash Slim Hallway Basket with hessian lining filled with Fire wood
    Antique Wash Slim Hallway Basket

    Multi-Purpose Slim Wicker Baskets

    Simplistic, sleek and elegant - three words to describe our slim wicker baskets. Each is made especially for your laundry, or for holding umbrellas in a hallway, logs near a fireplace and toilet paper. 

    So, if you are thinking about making your bedroom, bathroom or hallways look minimal, look towards our range of slim wicker baskets. Our slim laundry baskets have been designed to keep the messiest rooms in your home, looking elegant. The thin designs are a perfect addition to elevate your room's aesthetics., overall giving your home splashes of neat furnishings.

    Slim Laundry Baskets from Northern Willow 

    Our range of slim laundry baskets is ideal for helping tidy smaller rooms in your home, such as a bathroom or guest bedroom. Each is crafted from naturally growing fibres, which are woven around a metallic frame for extra strength and durability.

    Our Boutique White Wash Storage Laundry Hamper comes complete with an internal lining. This helps make this basket, and all of our other slim laundry baskets, remain easy to wash and odour-free. 

    Slim Laundry Baskets With Lids

    Our slim laundry baskets also come with removable lids. The Slim Laundry Hamper Basket from our collection has faux–leather buckles which act as hinges, but they also allow you to remove the lid completely.

    This can allow your slim laundry basket to be repurposed throughout your home, or for moments where the laundry gets a little on top of you. 

    Our Complete Range Of Slim Wicker Baskets

    Our extensive range of slim wicker baskets is complete with our Antique Wash Umbrella Stand, the stylish Antique Wash Slim Hallway Basket, and the ever-popular Oval Toilet Roll Holder Basket

    At Northern Willow, we are always finding ways in which wicker products can help you organise your home in traditional ways. Our unassuming slim laundry baskets, and the other slim wicker baskets available from our store can help. 

    Frequently Asked Questions for Slim Wicker Baskets

    A slim basket is perfect for storing worn laundry items, before loading them into a washing machine, and then using the same item to unload your washing machine with newly washed folded laundry back into your wardrobe. Our slim laundry baskets take up less space in the home, whilst still being able to hold a lot of used laundry. 

    Unfortunately, we can’t take custom orders at this time. We do however have many more laundry baskets available through our Laundry Basket Collection

    If you have a specific laundry room, it's best to keep your laundry basket there for easy access. However, most people tend to keep their laundry baskets in the bedroom or bathroom where they undress the most, making it convenient to quickly toss dirty laundry.

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