Wicker Bins

Wicker Bins

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Keep the home clutter-free with one of our classic wicker bins. Crafted in the north of England by skilled artisans, our waste paper baskets are made from durable, natural materials. Their timeless designs ensure that your rooms remain tidy in a stylish manner.

    4 products
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    Seagrass Square Waste Paper Basket
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    Antique Wash Waste Paper Bin

    Useful Wicker Waste Paper Baskets For The Home

    Handmade from natural wicker, these waste paper baskets add a touch of sophistication to your home. Our wicker bins are made from a quality, eco-friendly natural wicker, so they’re stylish and practical. These trays add beauty to any room, whether it's your study, the kids' room, or any other space. Plus, they complement our other wicker storage solutions perfectly. For other everyday storage solutions, why not try our magazine storage holders or basket trays.


    Wicker Waste Bins FAQs

    In order to stop your wicker basket from smelling, don’t put anything wet or damp in it. Not only can this damage the material of the basket but it can also produce smelly odours which we obviously want to avoid.

    The best way to line a wicker basket is with a sheet of thick plastic to make sure that anything wet or damp is impenetrable to the material of the basket. If you are only planning on using your wicker bin for dry waste, such as an office, you could line your bin with a linen cloth.

    If you need to clean your wicker bin, we would recommend using a damp cloth. Soak your cloth in some warm soapy water and ring out as much water as possible before giving your wicker a wipe down. As wicker is a natural material, it is best not to apply too much pressure as this could ruin the finish.

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