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Seagrass Baskets

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Seagrass is an extremely popular material used worldwide to produce strong, decorative and sweet-smelling seagrass baskets. Almost light blue in colour, seagrass grows in temperate climates into grass-like strands which can be woven into baskets known as ‘seagrass baskets’. Our selection of baskets includes charming seagrass laundry baskets, seagrass storage baskets and other general household seagrass basketware.

Take a look at our collection below to find the perfect seagrass basket for your home!

    20 products
    Seagrass Round Waste Paper Basket
    Large Seagrass Basket
    Oval Seagrass Flower Basket
    Seagrass Napkin Holder
    Nordic Seagrass Storage Basket Size 1
    Nordic Seagrass Storage Basket Size 2
    Nordic Seagrass Storage Basket Size 3
    Nordic Seagrass Storage Basket Set of 3
    Seagrass Storage Basket
    from £30.00
    Tapered Seagrass Tray
    from £15.00
    Round Seagrass Small Tray Set
    from £21.00
    Round Seagrass Small Tray Set 3
    Lined Square Seagrass Tray Set 3
    Square Seagrass Tray Set 3
    Rectangular Seagrass Small Trays Set 3
    Rectangular Seagrass Tray
    from £13.00
    Seagrass Square Waste Paper Basket Close
    Seagrass Square Waste Paper Basket Far
    Seagrass Square Waste Paper Basket
    Seagrass Storage Hampers
    from £14.00
    Oval Seagrass Basket
    Seagrass Small Shopper

    Stylish Seagrass Baskets 

    At Northern Willow, we ship our exquisite range of stunning seagrass baskets across the UK. Our collection includes beautifully designed baskets for holding and displaying your fruit and vegetables, as well as practical seagrass storage baskets to neatly organise your unwanted clutter. 

    Simple and Stunning Seagrass Storage Baskets

    One of the best things about seagrass is that it is understated, whilst also being stylish. This isn’t to say that seagrass baskets are just for effect, they really can do it all for you! Our seagrass storage baskets are both practical and durable enough to handle your everyday wear and tear, whilst still retaining that classic, elegant look for your home.


    Seagrass Basket FAQs

    Native to Southeast Asian coastal areas, seagrass is harvested from fields which had previously been flooded from the sea. It is then dried out and used for basket weaving. Seagrass is incredibly durable, making it a favourite choice amongst basket weavers and buyers.

    Known to be an effective carbon sink, seagrass is great for oxygenating waters that are harboured by small fish and accounting for roughly 10% of all marine plant life. A seagrass basket is, therefore, a sustainable use for one of earth’s most abundant plants, and great for a stylish addition to any modern British home. 

    For more seagrass basket inspiration, why not check out our recent blog What is Seagrass? Everything You Need To Know?

    Seagrass baskets can be used for a multitude of household items, including: 

    • Fruit and vegetables
    • Laundry 
    • Toys
    • Blankets
    • Toilet paper
    • Magazines
    • Napkins
    • Board games

    Like many other natural basket materials, it's important to not leave your seagrass wet for a long period of time as this can cause mould and mildew to grow. This is very uncommon with proper basket care.

    If your wicker or seagrass basket does get wet, be sure to air dry it in a warm environment for around half a day and continue to use it as you would normally. 

    To clean your seagrass basket simply brush away any dust with a dry cloth or hoover to collect any unwanted dirt. Once a year you can use a damp cloth to wipe away any unwanted dirt but make sure to thoroughly dry out your basket afterwards.

    Yes, you can paint your seagrass baskets to your desired colour but make sure you properly prep your basket beforehand and select a paint or spray paint that will last.

    Seagrass is a natural and sustainable material so it is definitely eco-friendly, this coupled with its versatility and durability makes it a film favourite amongst basket weavers. Seagrass is a naturally occurring fibre found globally in shallow waters. In fact, seagrass makes up approximately 10% of all marine plant life. 

    Known as a great oxygenator, seagrass is incredibly self-sustainable, meaning that each seagrass basket made quickly regenerates CO2 within the atmosphere.  

    At Northern Willow, we pride ourselves on creating products that are eco-friendly through using sustainable materials.

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