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Rattan Storage Baskets

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Our Rattan Storage Baskets are the perfect way to add a touch of style to your home, whilst also keeping items organised and tidy. Rattan is a natural fibre that grows in Indonesia and the surrounding area. It is handpicked and woven into strong, durable and long-lasting baskets, and can be coloured using natural processes. Once naturally dyed, it becomes ‘Kubu Grey Rattan’, a highly sought-after natural material known for its earthy tones and unique earthy/grey hue. 

    27 products
    Rectangular Log Basket filling with fire wood in front of a fire
    Rectangular Log Basket
    from £37.00
    Boat Shaped Rattan Log Basket
    from £53.00
    Oval Rattan Log Basket with Cordura Lining
    from £39.00
    Grand Rattan Cordura Lined Log Basket
    Rectangular Grey Rattan Hallway Log Basket
    from £59.00
    Square Grey Rattan Log Basket
    from £38.00
    Square Rattan Storage Basket Front
    Square Rattan Storage Basket Top View
    Square Rattan Serving Basket
    Wicker Kindling Basket With Handle
    Square Rattan Laundry Hamper Basket Front
    Square Rattan Laundry Hamper Basket
    from £58.00
    Rectangular Cordura Lined Grey Rattan Storage Basket
    Rectangular Cordura Lined Grey Rattan Storage Basket Small
    Rectangular Cordura Lined Grey Rattan Storage Basket
    from £25.00
    Square Rattan Serving Basket
    Wheeled Rattan Cordura Lined Log Basket
    from £152.00
    Square Rattan Umbrella Basket
    Round Rattan Umbrella Basket
    Tapered Rattan Round Planter
    from £41.00
    Rattan Round Planter with black plastic lining
    Round rattan planter with plastic lining
    Round Rattan Planter
    from £34.00
    Sold Out
    Rope Handled Rattan Round Planter
    from £58.00
    Amphora Rattan Log Basket With Cordura Lining
    Rattan Log Basket with lining
    Amphora Rattan Log Basket With Cordura Lining
    Pot-Bellied Cordura Lined Rattan Log Basket
    Collection of Rattan shallow baskets
    Handmade shallow basket
    Rattan Shallow Basket
    from £24.00
    Rattan Open Ended Log Basket
    from £66.00
    Luxury Rattan Dog Sofa Bed
    from £126.00
    Tall Round Fireside Grey Rattan Log Basket
    from £142.00
    Grey Rattan Market Basket
    from £59.00
    Round Grey Rattan Log Basket
    Round Grey Rattan Log Basket Detail with Towels
    Round Grey Rattan Log Basket
    from £42.00
    Rectangular Grey Rattan Storage Basket
    from £23.00
    Rectangular Grey Rattan Floor Storage
    from £44.00

    Beautiful Rattan Storage Baskets 

    Organise your unwanted clutter with one of our beautiful handmade rattan storage baskets. We offer a diverse range of rattan storage basketware to suit all your needs from our classic log baskets to our luxury rattan dog sofa bed perfect for your pampered pooch. Our timeless designs will help give your house that stylish classic touch. 

    Perfect and Practical Rattan Storage Baskets 

    Rattan is an incredibly durable material meaning it's great at sustaining everyday wear and tear. So you can have faith that your baskets are made from not only quality lasting materials but are a beautiful addition to any room.


    A rattan basket is made from the rattan palm, this is a tree native to Africa and Southeast Asia. The palm is typically taken from dedicated farms or the wild, they are then soaked or steamed so they can be easily shaped for products such as our rattan baskets.

    If you're keen to learn more about rattan and where it comes from, why not explore our recent blog post - 'What Is Rattan & What Is It Made Of?'

    As long as you properly prepare your basket beforehand you can paint your basket to your desired colour. Most of our baskets are designed within a neutral colour palette so that they can be added to any room as a beautiful addition to your existing colour scheme without worrying about clashing colours. Find more information on customising rattan in our recent blog post.

    For routine cleaning, simply use a dry microfiber cloth or feather duster to wipe away any unwanted dust or use a vacuum to reach those hard-to-get spots. If you want a deeper clean use a slightly damp cloth with a soap solution, and make sure you thoroughly dry out your basket to help prevent mould or mildew from growing. 

    Find more information about cleaning rattan in our blog.

    Rattan storage baskets first date back to the ancient Egyptians discovered buried with pharaohs. Wood was rare in ancient Egypt, so baskets were important for everyday functions such as holding fruit, clothes and other items, this weaving technique was even used for making unconventional items such as coffins and sandals.

    Rattan is a fast-growing renewable material that is perfect for creating sustainable products, such as the baskets we offer here at Northern Willows. Rattan is also biodegradable so if or when it comes time to replace your basket it reduces landfill waste.  

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