Basket With Wheels

Basket With Wheels

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Our basket collections provide practical solutions for all your storage needs. Our popular wheeled storage baskets are perfect for holding heavier items, allowing you to move them easily without compromising the quality of the wicker. Explore our range of wheeled baskets below.

    3 products
    Jumbo "Logs" Basket
    Jumbo "Logs" Basket
    from £151.00
    Log Basket On Wheels
    Wheeled Rattan Cordura Lined Log Basket
    from £152.00

    Practical and Rustic Wheeled Baskets

    Get ready for a cosy fire during cold snaps with our rustic log baskets on wheels. These elegant and convenient storage solutions keep your firewood organised while adding a charming touch to your home décor. In the warmer summer months, you can use the baskets outdoors by the fire pit, and easily wheel them back inside if the weather turns bad. Our baskets on wheels are an attractive addition to any home, offering functionality and style.

    Use our baskets to easily transport your firewood, made easy with the addition of high-quality castor wheels. Our baskets are meticulously handwoven, ensuring the highest quality and care for both the materials and the final product. 

    Our wheeled baskets aren't just for storing firewood. Why not use them to store other items that you can easily wheel away when not needed, such as kids' toys or arts and crafts materials? Some options come without wheels if you prefer. They're versatile items that can be used for just about anything!

    We have a full range of household baskets, from laundry baskets to magazine holders and cosy pet baskets. Shop our full range to compliment your home.

    Basket On Wheels FAQ’s

    All of our wheeled baskets come with four high-quality castor wheels securely fixed to the base for ease of use. The wheels make it easy to transport your basket from one place to another, but are not large enough to be unsightly.

    Absolutely! We encourage our customers to use our wheeled baskets for whatever they want. They can be used to store a variety of items such as toys, blankets, gardening supplies, and more.

    Yes, our wheeled baskets are easy to clean. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth as needed.

    For more cleaning tips, take a look at our article, ‘How To Clean Your Wicker Basket & Top Tips For Making Them Last’.

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