Outdoor Wicker Baskets

Outdoor Wicker Baskets

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At Northern Willow, we get excited imagining our wicker baskets out in the wild. That’s why we made a range specifically for adventurous souls who long for sunny days with a picnic or fishing on the river. 

Our outdoor wicker baskets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Choose anything from a classic 6-person tweed hamper to a double steamed vertical weave shopper, and get ready to enjoy the countryside.

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    10 products
    Rectangular Garden Trug Small
    Rectangular Garden Trug Medium
    Rectangular Garden Trug
    from £28.00
    Double Steamed Vertical Weave Shopper Set of 2
    Double Steamed Vertical Weave Shopper Large
    Double Steamed Vertical Weave Shopper
    from £15.00
    6 Person Green Tweed Classic Picnic Hamper Front and Side View
    6 Person Green Tweed Classic Picnic Hamper Full View
    6 Person Green Tweed Classic Picnic Hamper
    Antique Wash Fishing Creel
    Gingham 2 Person Fitted Hamper Red Display
    Gingham 2 Person Fitted Hamper Red Front
    Gingham 2 Person Fitted Hamper
    Oval Unpeeled Willow Garden Trug Display
    Oval Unpeeled Willow Garden Trug Small Front View
    Oval Unpeeled Willow Garden Trug
    from £16.00
    Wicker Bicycle Basket Front
    Wicker Bicycle Basket Leather Detail
    Fishing Creel
    Antique Wash Wicker Napkin Holder
    Antique Wash Napkin Holder
    Wicker cutlery basket
    Wicker Cutlery Holder
    from £19.00
    Barbeque Tool Basket Set
    Barbeque Tool Basket Set Closed
    Barbeque Tool Basket Set

    Enjoy the Outdoors With Our Stylish Range of Outdoor Wicker Baskets

    Both practicality and style is at the heart of every basket we make in our range of outdoor wicker baskets. That’s why we make sure our baskets are made from the finest sustainable materials available. We truly believe that an outdoor wicker basket should be used for life, not just one trip, which is why they’re specifically designed to be long-lasting and tough enough to handle years of adventure.

    Outdoor Wicker Basket FAQs

    Yes! Wicker can be used and kept outside, meaning that your basket will be safe no matter the weather. Care should be taken to ensure that your basket isn’t swimming in a puddle or getting crushed under snow during winter, as this can eventually deform the product. But in general, wicker is completely fine to leave outside.

    For more information on how to keep your wicker baskets in tip-top shape, read our blog on how to clean your wicker basket.

    Cleaning outdoor wicker baskets is super easy. Simply use a mild detergent, water and a soft brush to gently scrub away dirt and grime. Remember to rinse your basket thoroughly and let it air dry completely before using it again.

    Luckily for you, our baskets arrive weather-ready and prepared to go out with you on your activities. There’s no need to add extra varnish or protection on top, as everything is done as part of our production process.

    While outdoor wicker baskets are water resistant, we recommend that you avoid storing consistently wet or damp items for extended periods to prevent mould and mildew. Make sure that items are thoroughly dried before placing them in the basket for storage. 

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