Wicker Basket Planters

Wicker Basket Planters

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These beautiful basket planters for your blooms are a great way to add a more natural look to the garden, rather than using unsightly plastic pots or heavy ceramics. We also have handled planters that are perfect for a patio or for moving your plants around to chase the sun.

Our outdoor basket planters are made from traditional, hard-wearing materials. Hand crafted from rattan, they are completely weather-resistant, ensuring they can be used all year round, no matter what gets thrown at them. They also pair beautifully with our other ranges of outdoor basketware.

Wicker planters are the perfect way to decorate an outdoor event. Visit our blog for more hosting tips & tricks.

    11 products
    Oval Rattan Log Basket with Cordura Lining
    from £39.00
    Square Lined Wicker Log / Storage Basket
    from £36.00
    Round Lined Wicker Planter Basket
    from £18.00
    Antique Wash Tea Cup Basket
    Rattan Round Planter with black plastic lining
    Round rattan planter with plastic lining
    Round Rattan Planter
    from £34.00
    Tapered Rattan Round Planter
    from £41.00
    Sold Out
    Rope Handled Rattan Round Planter
    from £58.00
    Oak Effect Planter With Plastic Lining Front and Side
    Oak Effect Planter With Plastic Lining Handle Detail
    Oak Effect Planter With Plastic Lining
    Sold Out
    Round Flower Basket
    Vintage Planter With Plastic Lining Front View
    Vintage Planter With Plastic Lining Front
    Vintage Planter With Plastic Lining
    Round Lined Straight-Sided Wicker Log/ Storage Basket Large
    Round Lined Straight-Sided Wicker/ Storage Basket Pair
    Round Lined Straight-Sided Wicker Log/ Storage Basket
    from £46.00

    Weather Resistant Wicker Basket Planters

    Just like the rest of our outdoor basket range, our wicker baskets are made from traditional, hard-wearing materials that are designed to be strong and weather-resistant. Our baskets are all hand-weaved using traditional methods that have stood the test of time, just like the classic style that they produce! 

    Wicker Basket Planter FAQs

    Wicker basket planters are a versatile and exciting way to add colour to the garden. They can be utilised for taller annual plants such as geraniums, if you have a shady spot then begonias are a fantastic option, and for the patio they can even serve as useful herb planters to add freshness to your food. The trick is to fill them about two thirds full with good quality potting soil. Avoid just using garden soil as this can slowly become too compacted for your plants to flourish.

    Yes, you can. It is important however to buy wicker baskets which are specifically designed to be planters as moisture retention can cause issues otherwise. At Northern Willow, we offer a fabulous range of lined, wicker planter baskets perfect for elegantly displaying your plants and flowers.

    Begin by placing a thick plastic lining over the top of the basket, making sure that no water can break through. Then place a small layer of pea gravel at the bottom of the basket and fill it with potting soil and place your plants in there. There you go, your wicker basket is now a stunning planter. 

    For more sustainable tips and tricks, check out our guide on how to build a sustainable garden.

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