Sustainable Homeware

Sustainable Homeware

45 products
    45 products
    Hanging White Wicker Angel Decoration
    Set Of 2 Hanging Cut-Out Christmas Trees
    Raindrop Lantern
    Set Of 3 Hanging Glitter Star Decorations
    Sold Out
    Wooden Snowflake Box
    Full Antique Wash Heart
    from £11.00
    Grey Heart Wreath Small
    Grey Heart Wreath Small Jute
    Grey Heart Wreath
    from £15.00
    Antique Wash Tea Cup Basket
    A-Frame Display Stand Unit Front
    A-Frame Display Stand Straight On
    A-Frame Display Stand
    Antique Wash Ring / Wreath Large
    Antique Wash Ring / Wreath Medium
    Antique Wash Ring / Wreath
    from £14.00
    Large Flat Open Heart
    from £11.00
    Heart-Shaped Slate Cheese Board
    White Wash Table Top Xmas Tree
    Antique wash Wicker star hangable decoration
    Antique Wash Full Star
    Large Antique Wash Star
    White Wash Wicker Star
    Antique Wash Table Top Xmas Tree
    Set of 3 Hanging Glitter Christmas Tree Decorations
    Large Rustic Willow Heart
    Small Antique Wash Ring / Wreath Closeup
    Small Antique Wash Ring / Wreath
    White Wash Open Star Front
    White Wash Open Star
    Black Shredded Paper (4Kg)
    6 Wine Bottle Cut-Out Carrier Full Side
    6 Wine Bottle Cut-Out Carrier Side Empty
    6 Wine Bottle Cut-Out Carrier
    Vintage Star Cut-Out Box Front Side
    Vintage Star Cut-Out Box Star Detail
    Vintage Star Cut-Out Box
    from £23.00
    White Wash Christmas Tree
    Child's Buff Shopper Pair
    Child's Buff Shopper Detail
    Child's Buff Shopper
    from £11.00
    Heat Shrinkable Cellophane Bags
    Heat Shrinkable Cellophane Bags
    Small Heart Wreath With Red Spotty Ribbon
    Small Grey Wash Willow Candle Lantern Front
    Small Grey Wash Willow Candle Lantern
    Flat Antique Star Front
    Flat Antique Wash Star side
    Flat Antique Wash Star
    Antique Wash Open Star Front
    Antique Wash Open Star
    Set 3 Hanging Glitter Heart Decorations
    Square Slate Coaster Set 4
    Large Grey Wicker Heart
    from £17.00
    Slim Heart Wreath With Red Spotty Ribbon Front
    Slim Heart Wreath With Red Spotty Ribbon Detail
    Slim Heart Wreath With Red Spotty Ribbon
    from £10.00
    Mini Bowl
    Wicker Christmas Tree Decoration
    Antique Wash Christmas Tree Decoration
    Sold Out
    Pumpkin Lantern
    Sold Out
    Rope Handled Rattan Round Planter
    from £58.00
    Antique Wash Round Packing Tray

    Stylish Sustainable Homeware 

    Here at Northern Willow, we like to take pride in our products, we love that they are both stylish and sustainable. Take a look through our collection of sustainable homeware and decor and we’re sure you’ll agree. Whether it’s wicker wall decor, decorative wicker baskets or one of our classic slate coasters, our sustainable homeware is the perfect addition to any household. 

    The Perfect Eco-Friendly Way to Decorate Your Home  

    We have a beautiful collection of sustainably sourced decorations that are both aesthetically pleasing and more ecologically sound than single-use plastic decorations. Take pride in your home and decorate with both style and sustainability in mind with Northern Willow. 

    How Can I Decorate My Home Sustainably? 

    A great way to decorate sustainably is by choosing decorations that use sustainably sourced materials. At Northern Willow, we pride ourselves on using sustainably sourced materials such as willow, water hyacinth and hessian so you can decorate your home beautifully without sacrificing being environmentally conscious. 

    What is Sustainable Decorating?

    Sustainable decorating means the process of decorating an area, which may be a room, office or your home, in a way which benefits the environment rather than harming it.  This may be by buying decorations that are sustainably sourced, such as the basket ware and decoration that we offer at Northern Willow. 

    What Homeware Products are Sustainable? 

    Baskets are a great way to organise unwanted clutter in both a stylish and sustainable way as they are often made using sustainable materials that are biodegradable. They are extremely versatile and can be used within any area of the house adding a classic touch to wherever you put them.

    Where To Buy Sustainable Home Décor

    At Northern Willow, we pride ourselves on creating sustainable homeware which is both stylish and sustainable to brighten up any area within your home. All of our products are made from sustainable materials from our classic basket ware, to our magical Christmas decorations, we have everything you need for your eco-friendly home. 

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