Housewarming Gifts: Ideas & Etiquette Tips

by Jasmine Savery

Moving house is a milestone that is worth celebrating. Whether your kids are flying the nest or your best friend is buying their first home, a thoughtful housewarming gift is an excellent way to welcome change. In this article, we explore a range of gifting ideas to suit any budget.

So, what makes a good housewarming gift? A great gift is one that adds something to the recipient's new home whilst remaining personal and thoughtful. Ideas include:

  • A ‘new home starter kit’
  • Housewarming gift basket
  • Floral arrangements
  • Personalised wooden boards
  • Board games
  • Personalised prints
  • Household items like laundry & log baskets

  • Read on for our complete list of housewarming gift ideas, details on how to make your very own ‘new home’ hamper, plus, the do’s and don’ts of housewarming gift-giving!

    Housewarming Gift Ideas

    Whatever your budget may be, our home & lifestyle gurus have carefully curated a range of inspiring housewarming gift ideas:

    Home Starter Kit

    By Noah - £155

    This clever starter kit includes everything someone might need when moving into their first home and can be tailored depending on the needs of your giftee.

    • Bedding Sets.
    • Towels & Hangers.
    • Kitchenware.
    • 4x Tableware.
    • Utensils.
    • Many useful extras.

    Wine Bottle Carrier

    By Northern Willow - £27

    Stylish and practical, wine bottle baskets are the perfect way to store wine at home.  A wine bottle carrier is also an excellent way to bring wine around to the lucky recipient's new home - it travels well and saves on wrapping! The product linked features:

    • 3 different sizes.
    • A sturdy handle for transportation.
    • Full, buff unpeeled willow.
    • Made from sustainably-sourced materials.

    Handcrafted Floral Arrangements

    Local Florist - £15-40

    Is there really anyone that doesn’t like flowers? This beautiful and inexpensive gift is versatile for several occasions. Anyone from Sheffield knows how special it is to receive an incredible bouquet from the local Swallows & Damsons. If you aren’t local to us, consider visiting your local florist to ask for:

    • Tulips.
    • Lilies.
    • Hydrangeas (these look just as good after being dried out!).
    • Roses.
    • Peonies.

    Personalised Wooden Board


    By MyHandmadeSign on Etsy - £19.95

    A sturdy wooden board is an essential part of any kitchen. They can be used as an everyday chopping board, a table centrepiece, or even as a simple decoration. Getting your board personalised adds a cute touch, which we’re sure any recipient will appreciate. You could get your chosen board engraved with:

    • Their family surname.
    • First names.
    • A favourite quote.
    • Icons like a home or heart.

    Family Wellies Print

    By FoxlyPrints on Etsy - £12

    If your giftee is moving to the countryside, why not treat them to a gift that plays the part? The print includes hand-drawn welly boot illustrations and can be personalised with the family name. FoxlyPrints also offers several illustration alternatives, including:

    • Family pets.
    • Flowers.
    • Cocktails.

    Complete with a frame and wrap up before gifting to your recipient.

    Classic Log Basket

    By Northern Willow - £37

    A large and sturdy log basket is essential for any country cottage, but they’re often quite pricey! Treat your friend or family member to a handmade log basket - it is the perfect housewarming gift and is something they may not splurge on themselves. Features include:

    • 3 Sizes and sets available.
    • Sturdy hand-woven rattan construction with a hessian lining.
    • Neutral wash is ideal for several home styles.
    • Two strong carrying handles for easy transportation.
    • Large capacity rectangular log basket to keep the fire going.
    • Elegant design to add style to any space.

    Board Games

    By Zatu Games - £10-30

    Board games are great gifts for people of all ages, but couples and families in particular. They’re fun and entertaining, whilst encouraging quality time away from screens. Some of our household favourites include:

    • Monopoly (get a customised board & cards from TheDiceGuys on Etsy).
    • The Gin Game.
    • Trivial Pursuit.
    • Ramen Fury.
    • Scrabble.
    • Cluedo.

    A Bottle Of Something Special

    Gifting alcohol is nothing new by any means, but it certainly goes down a treat with most! Get creative with a bottle that the recipient might not choose for themselves. For us, this includes:

    If your recipient doesn’t drink, a bottle of 0% is another great option, and you can usually find a great range in your local M&S or Waitrose.

    The key to looking thoughtful when gifting your wine is all in the decoration. Find out how to elevate your wine gift in one of our recent blogs - ‘How To Gift a Bottle Of Wine

    New Home Gift Basket

    Housewarming gift baskets are best when practicality is placed at the forefront. Start by choosing a hamper basket to fill with your generous treats. We’d recommend choosing one that the lucky recipient can reuse time and time again. Our very own Kitchen Vegetable Basket or Steamed Wicker Storage Tray is a perfect size. 

    • Rustic chopping board.
    • Fancy infused olive oil.
    • Tea Towels & napkins.
    • Wine or a bottle of bubbly.
    • New wine glasses.
    • Fresh herb bundles.
    • Posh snacks like truffle crisps and nuts. 

    Place the items in your chosen baskets with the largest at the back, working your way down to the smallest items at the front. Once filled, secure it with a ribbon, decorate it, and add a gift tag.

    If you’re in need of further hamper inspiration, explore our gifting and hamper guides for Father’s Day, Gardeners, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

    Housewarming Gifts to Avoid

    Although it's likely that the lucky gift recipient will be grateful for whatever you get them, there are some ideas to avoid. We’ve outlined them and the reasons below:


    Anything that caters towards a specific style is a no-no when it comes to housewarming gifts. Whilst a print or small art piece is fine, large and extravagant items like chairs, tables, or mirrors should be avoided. However, if you choose to buy these items, always be sure to include a valid receipt.


    Unless they are a plant fanatic, houseplants as gifts should be avoided. Taking care of plants is time-consuming, and something that the new homeowner might not have time for amongst the unpacking and admin that comes with moving!

    Cash & Gift Cards

    Cash is only really acceptable if you have a very close relationship with the recipient (i.e. you’re a parent or sibling), or if they have specifically asked for money over a physical item. Gift Cards are a little more acceptable, however, they generally show a lack of thought or consideration - it also looks very last minute!

    Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts From Northern Willow

    Find a wide range of gift ideas on our website:

    We also stock everything you might need to create your very own housewarming gift basket, including a range of wicker hampers and shredded paper.

    Everything you can find on our website is carefully handcrafted with sustainable materials. You won’t find quality quite like it elsewhere. 

    If you have any questions about our gifting products, or you’d simply like to find out more about us, feel free to reach out to our team!

    Housewarming Gift FAQs

    Are Flowers a Good Housewarming Gift

    Yes! Flowers are beautiful, thoughtful, and are likely to be appreciated by all. Don’t cheap out if you’re bringing flowers to a housewarming party, and avoid supermarket bouquets if costs allow. Instead visit your local florist, not only will they be able to create a beautiful arrangement tailored to your lucky giftee, but you’ll also help to support a local business! 

    Do You Bring a Gift To a Housewarming Party?

    Yes - and don’t arrive empty-handed. It is customary to bring something when you go to a housewarming party. Take a look at the ideas in this article, or bring a bottle or a bouquet of flowers if you’re short on time.

    Even if your friend or family member isn’t hosting a formal housewarming party, don’t be afraid to pop by with a treat. It certainly shows that you go the extra mile and genuinely care about them!

    How Much Money Should I Give as a New Home Gift?

    As mentioned previously, cash should be avoided as a housewarming gift as it shows no consideration and generally looks last-minute. However, if your recipient has specifically asked for money, you should consider the following:

    • The value of the gift you would have otherwise given.
    • Your relationship to the recipient.
    • Your own budget and financial situation.

    We’d recommend a figure of around £30-£75. However, if you have the money to spare, by all means, spoil your friend or family member!