Valentine's Day Gift Ideas To Spread The Love

by Jasmine Savery

Valentine's Day is the perfect time of the year to spread love to that special person in your life, by showing them how much you appreciate them. Whether it be your partner, best friend or even your pet; Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love. But where do you start when choosing the perfect gift? 

Fear not, our homeware experts at Nothern Willow are here to help you figure out some excellent Valentine’s gift ideas whether cheesy or sentimental we’ll help you achieve the perfect Valentine’s Day. 

So, what is the perfect valentine's day gift? The perfect Valentine’s gift depends on the person you are buying for; t about their interests, passions, and what they would like. A fail-safe idea is a romantic gift hamper, filled with all their favourite treats such as a bottle of bubbly, chocolates, cute socks, and their favourite pamper products.

Read on to discover our top tips for Valentine’s gift ideas and how to give the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. 

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What Is a Good Valentine's Day Gift?

How To Make a Valentine's Day Hamper

What Is a Good Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Northern Willow?

When you think of typical Valentine's Day gifts you think of chocolates and candles but this may not be the right gift for everyone. The perfect Valentine’s gift depends on the person and what would be thoughtful and special to them. We’ve highlighted below some ideas that are great ideas for showing some love this Valentine’s Day: 

Gardening Tools Basket

Gardening is such a fun and wholesome activity especially with Spring coming up so why not treat your loved one to a luxury gardening tools basket? Whether they’re garden novices or a pro they are sure to love this basket, with their new gift they can have both convenience and style the next time they are tending to their garden. 

Luxury Picnic Hampers

One of the most perfect dates has got to be a romantic picnic, whether it be candlelit or laid out in the stunning sunshine it cannot be beaten. That’s why a luxury picnic hamper is the perfect Valentine’s gift so you can be prepared for your future romantic picnics together.

Want to learn how to host the perfect Valentine’s picnic? Whether indoor or outdoor, our recent article ‘Posh Picnics: Your Ultimate Guide’ talks you through the most romantic wine and food pairings and how to style your dining experience!

Fishing Creels

We all know a fishing lover in our life, so a fishing creel is the perfect stylish and practical gift to give them this Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect accompaniment for your loved ones' next journey down to the riverbank to help them bring back the delicious fish they’ve caught for a romantic home-cooked dinner. Not a fishing fanatic? Not to worry, these beautiful round baskets can be reused within the home or as picnic hampers.

Wine Carriers

We all love a fancy glass of wine, especially when hosting those romantic candle-lit dinners. This is why a handmade wicker wine carrier is a perfect gift to display and fashionably gift a bottle of bubbly. Not just that, but they are super handy to come summertime and picnic season begins!

How To Make a Valentine's Hamper?

Valentine's Day Hamper for Her

Whether it be your wife, girlfriend or best friend a hamper is sure to earn you some brownie points this Valentine’s Day. As we highlighted before however, each Valentine’s Day hamper is going to vary from person to person depending on their interests. This is why it is important to take careful time and consideration to choose those special items that will show how much you know your loved one. As well as this, there are some more classic Valentine’s treat ideas that we’ve highlighted below to fill out those baskets:

  • Chocolates and Sweets 
  • Their favourite perfume 
  • A fluffy pair of PJs for future movie nights 
  • A voucher for their favourite restaurant 
  • A luxurious candle, we love candles from Diptyque or The White Company
  • New Jewellery
  • Their favourite book 

Valentine’s Hampers for Him

Buying the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure, you want to prove to your loved one that you truly know them and that is thoughtful. However, buying a gift for that special man in your life is stereotypically much more difficult than buying for a woman, but fear not we’ve highlighted some of our best ideas below to ensure that everyone is feeling the love they deserve this Valentine’s Day:

  • Their favourite aftershave 
  • Sweets and chocolates
  • A snuggly pair of slippers 
  • A bottle of alcohol, but go for one they wouldn’t buy themselves 
  • A photo frame filled with your favourite photo of both of you 
  • A personalised glass for those romantic date nights at home 
  • A voucher for the cinema for a future trip together 

Now that you have all of your Valentine’s treats, you want the presentation of the hamper to look just as good as the stuff you’ve placed inside of it. Unlike a Christmas or birthday hamper, which we discussed how to make in our recent blog, you want your Valentine’s hamper to reflect all the designs associated with the holiday. 

A great place to start is by using a stylish, homemade hamper basket like the ones we offer at Northern Willow. This means that the basket you use can fashionably display all your gifts and the basket can also be considered a present.

Once you’ve placed all your items inside the basket it's time to decorate! Stick with traditional colours such as shades of pink and red for the ultimate Valentine’s look and decorate with hearts and flowers to fit the theme. After all, a cheesy decoration is never too much on Valentine's! You may even want to consider using coloured shredded paper inside your hamper to give your hamper that overall professional look which is sure to impress the recipient. 

Valentine’s Gift Ideas from Northern Willow

At Northern Willow, we’re proud to offer a range of stylish and sustainable baskets and hampers that fit perfectly into any home area and are the perfect choice to complete your gift basket needs this Valentine's. Our baskets are produced using the finest, sustainable materials so it's a gift your loved one will truly love.

We offer both traditional hampers and baskets tailored to special occasions such as picnic and wine baskets perfect for those romantic summer dates. We have everything you need to create your perfect Valentine's basket.