Posh Picnics: Your Ultimate Guide

by Jasmine Savery

When you’re scrolling Pinterest late at night, you may come across the recently-popular luxury picnic trend. The Vogue-worthy soirées are the perfect way to enjoy the warm weather, so how can you create your own that look just as good? Our team has put together their posh picnic ideas and top tips, with advice on choosing the perfect location, our brilliant basket recommendations, and obviously our go-to’s for eating and drinking.

So, how do you create the perfect posh picnic? We’ve outlined four simple steps to creating a luxurious picnicking experience:

  • Choose the right picnic basket - ideally one with a blanket, glasses, plates, and cutlery included 
  • Pack a range of delicious finger sandwiches, fresh salads, and canapes
  • Bring your favourite bottle of your favourite wine or Champagne
  • Style your picnic with cushions, blankets, fresh flowers, candles, and fairy lights!

  • Read on to find out more about our favourite luxury picnic baskets ideas, the must-haves for picnic decor, as well as a range of picnic food ideas that everyone will enjoy…

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    Luxury Picnic FAQs

    Posh Picnic Equipment Essentials

    Here at Northern Willow, we stock everything you could need for hosting the classiest picnic. From wicker hampers to wine carriers, picnic blankets, and baskets complete with crockery and cutlery, we’ve listed everything you’ll need below - along with items that you can purchase right here on our website!

    Luxury Picnic Baskets

    Nothing quite says British summertime like a generously stocked wicker picnic basket, full of scrumptious snacks and a bottle of something cool. A well-made basket is probably the most important element, so we’ve outlined a few of our favourites below:

    Boat Hampers & Classic Baskets

    Classic round baskets and boat hampers are a cost-effective option if you only have a small number of guests joining you. Opt for one with lining where possible, as this ensures the wicker basket is easy to clean and maintain. These come in a range of sizes, including individual small baskets for children if they are keen to get involved in your posh picnic. 

    Lidded Hampers

    If you’re bringing your picnic basket on a long walk, opt for a basket with a lid for more protection. Our timeless Slope-Sided Classic Hamper is great for couples and small groups alike. The hamper is lidded with a durable leather closure to keep your sandwiches safely stored!

    Classic Picnic Hampers With Blanket & Crockery

    If you want to impress friends or family, choose a luxury picnic basket that comes complete with crockery, cutlery, blankets, and a matching cooler bag. Larger picnic hampers come complete with everything you’d possibly need neatly stored inside the basket for easy carrying.

    Our stunning 6-Person Rope Handled Picnic Hamper comes with cutlery, plates, glasses, mugs and napkins for 6. We also include salt and pepper shakers, a themed, polar picnic blanket and PVC-lined cooler, a flask and accommodating interior baskets or covers where needed - what more could you ask for?

    Waterproof Picnic Blankets

    If you’re planning to ditch the camping chairs and tables, ensure you have a blanket to lay out on the floor. Choose one that comes with a waterproof lining; this helps to avoid any damp bottoms if it rained the night before! If you have a large number of guests at your picnic, you may want to pack two or more picnic blankets.

    China & Crockery

    Make your picnic feel extra special with high-quality picnicware, including plates, bowls, glasses, and of course, proper knives and forks! You may also want to bring a matching jug and platter for serving your food, as well as a bottle opener for the wine of your choosing. If you’re looking for complete convenience, choose a picnic basket that comes with china and silverware included. 

    Wine Bottle Carriers

    Is a posh picnic really complete without your favourite bottle of Champagne? Wine bottle carriers and chiller baskets are one of the most essential items for classy picnics - they are ideal for transportation, keep your wine cool, and they look lovely.

    If you’re looking for the perfect wicker wine carrier, why not explore the full collection available on our website? From antique wash wooden boxes to 6-bottle baskets, and chilled carriers with glasses, we have something for everyone. We also offer free shipping on all orders.

    Posh Picnic Food Ideas

    Ditch the soggy ham sandwiches this summer, and instead get creative with fresh salads, nibbles, and canapes that all of your friends and family will love! We’ve listed some of our favourites below that can be made ahead of time:

    Finger Sandwiches

    Whether you are on the beach, or in your garden, sandwiches are the most versatile on-the-go option. A classic cheese and ham sandwich may be considered oh-so-boring, so get creative with a range of sweet-salty flavour combos. Of course, you must cut off the crusts and cut your sandwiches into delicate fingers…

    Try a few of our favourite sandwich combinations:

    • Egg and cress (try smashed chickpeas or tofu scramble for a vegan alternative!)
    • Caprese-style; baby tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil with a drizzle of balsamic
    • Avocado, grilled halloumi, spinach, and smoky chipotle sauce
    • Cucumber, cream cheese, and smoked salmon
    • Pulled pork, sweetcorn, and coleslaw
    • Feta cheese, fig chutney and olive tapenade

    Cheese & Charcuterie

    Nothing says luxury like a fine selection of cheese and meats to enjoy whilst sipping on your favourite glass of wine…which is why we love creating picnic charcuterie boards.

    They are surprisingly simple to prepare. Here’s everything you’ll need:

    • A selection of cheeses (choose a range of textures and strengths)
    • A selection of cured meat slices and salami
    • Crackers or baguette slices
    • Chutneys and fruit spreads
    • Nuts, berries, and fresh herbs to garnish

    Simply arrange the above on a board of your choice, and garnish with sprigs of thyme, rosemary, or even edible flowers. Don’t forget to pack cheese knives and small plates if this is what you’re bringing on your picnic.

    Fresh Salads 

    Particularly during the warmer months, salads are a refreshing option to bring on your picnic that everyone will enjoy. Try classic combinations of grilled chicken, romaine lettuce and caesar dressing, or get creative with an Asian smashed cucumber recipe, or by incorporating hearty ingredients, like orzo and couscous. 

    Who says salads have to be savoury? Make the most of seasonal fruits in the summertime by preparing a fruit salad. We love a combination of cherries, watermelon and raspberries. Complement with a sweet dressing made from honey and fresh mint to drizzle over the top before serving. 

    Our top tip: Pack your salad dressing in a separate container and only add it when serving to your guests - this keeps all of your fruits and veggies crisp and flavourful!

    Nibbles & Canapes

    Finger foods, commonly known as picky bits, are more than ideal for picnics. They are great for transporting, can be made the day before, and are surprisingly easy to prepare! You could grab pre-packaged foods, such as olives or scotch eggs, from your local supermarket, or you could go the extra mile and create your own.

    Our favourite picnic-friendly canapes to make at home include:

    • Smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill blinis 
    • Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes and basil
    • Loaded figs with goats cheese and honey
    • Brie, rocket, and pear skewers drizzled with balsamic glaze
    • Honey mustard cocktail sausages
    • Caramelised onion and blue cheese tartlets

    posh picnic canapes

    Luxury Picnic Drink Ideas

    Delicious food isn't complete without a selection of refreshing drinks:

    Wine & Bubbly

    If you’re celebrating at The Races or Wimbledon, a bottle of your favourite prosecco or Champagne will always be a crowd favourite. Wine is also a great option for your posh picnic - we’d choose white or rose wine in the warmer months.

    To ensure your food and wine choices pair well, simply follow the rule of ‘what grows together, goes together’. For example, if you are packing a selection of Italian cheeses, opt for a Chianti white wine. Alternatively, if you plan to bring a Spanish tomato salad, enjoy it alongside a bottle of Rioja Blanco.

    Cocktails & Mocktails 

    Fruity Pimm’s, cucumber G&Ts, Sangrias, and Mojitos are an absolute favourites of ours for a luxurious picnic. Each offers refreshing fruity notes that go perfectly with canapes and finger sandwiches. If you prefer a mocktail, why not look for a non-alcoholic version of the above, or enjoy cordials mixed with soda water? Make sure to garnish your drinks with fresh herbs and slices of fruit!

    Our top tip: Pre-mix your cocktails the morning of and transfer them to a thermal flask with ice - not only is this great for transportation, but it will help keep your beverages cool for several hours!


    If you’re leaning towards an afternoon tea experience, why not pack a flask of your favourite English breakfast tea? Ensure you pack delicate teacups if this is the drink of your choosing. For something refreshing on a summer's day, batch-prepare fruit-flavoured tea the night before, and serve over ice.

    Posh Picnic Ideas For Decor & Styling

    If you’re wanting to create a picnic that looks like it came straight from Instagram, you must style it accordingly! Forget the plastic plates and camping chairs, and instead:

    • Stick to a colour theme for your picnic decor, blankets and crockery
    • Choose a wooden table for a more formal picnic experience
    • Create a cosy vibe with blankets, linen tablecloths, and pillows to sit on
    • Decorate your table with a centrepiece of fresh flowers and candles
    • Add fairy lights and lanterns for when the evening draws in
    • Create a tasty food display using wooden crates to create height.

    If you're looking for more ways to decorate your picnic or outdoor space, read one of our most recent blogs for more information - 'Garden Party Planning: Themes, Decorations, Food, & More!'

    Luxury Picnic Baskets & Blankets From Northern Willow

    With summer just around the corner, and horse racing season in sight, ensure you’re ready for your posh picnic with our range of handcrafted luxury picnic baskets and blankets from Northern Willow. 

    From thermal bags, to wicker wine carriers, picnic hampers, and more, we really stock everything you could possibly need. Each item is made with sustainably sourced materials, and is handcrafted by our team in Sheffield. We offer free shipping on all orders - so what’s stopping you?

    If you have any questions about our products, or you would like to speak to one of our team, please feel free to get in touch with us. Simply email us at support@northernwillow.co.uk.

    Luxury Picnic FAQs

    How Do You Keep Food Warm Or Cold For a Picnic?

    Make the most of heat packs or ice packs when packing your picnic hamper. Our stainless steel flask is a great option if you want to take liquids, and can help keep them either warm or cold. We also stock a stylish range of cooler bags which can be used to carry sandwiches, nibbles, and other perishable items. Many of our wicker wine carriers and luxury picnic blankets come with thermal lining, which is great for regulating the temperature of your food and drink - even on the hottest of summer days! 

    Our top tip: Preheat your thermos flask with boiling water 15 minutes before you add your warm food items; this will help keep them hotter for longer.

    Where Can You Picnic Near You?

    The great thing about picnics is that they really can be done anywhere. Luxurious picnics are more than ideal for visiting the Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, or the Regatta boat races in the summertime. Alternatively, you could find a local park or woodland, a riverbank, a beach, or even use your very own garden!

    How Do You Pack a Charcuterie Board For a Picnic?

    If you’re planning to assemble your picnic charcuterie board at home, we’d suggest using a sturdy base, such as a wooden or slate board. Next, assemble your selection of meats and cheeses, leaving space to add your chutney later on (we’d recommend just placing ramekins there for now). To secure your charcuterie board whilst you travel, wrap tightly in clingfilm, at least once lengthways and once going the opposite direction. For extra security on those longer journeys, add a final layer of tin foil.