How To Gift a Bottle Of Wine

by Jasmine Savery

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, promotion, or a ‘just-because’ moment, wine is a fail-safe gift option for almost all occasions. But with so much versatility, how do you show the thought behind your wine gift? In this article, we outline how you can elevate your bottle–gifting with just a few simple steps.

So, what’s the best way to gift a bottle of wine? We’ve outlined the best ways to take your wine gifting to the next level:

  • Gift your wine in a reusable wine carrier or bottle bag
  • Decorate the bottle with ribbon, bows, or cute wine hats
  • Wrap the bottle with tissue paper for an extra protective layer
  • Finish with a handwritten gift tag and a card if the occasion requires

  • Read on to find out more about how to decorate a bottle of wine, plus our favourite wine recommendations and wine carriers to make your gift extra special!

    How Do You Gift Wine?

    If you want to make it clear that your bottle of wine is indeed a gift and not something to be drunk that day, you should include the addition of a wine carrier or bag. A bottle of wine in itself is a great gift, but wine carriers add something extra special that the recipient can keep for years to come!

    Even if your giftee doesn’t indulge in wine, you can still apply these same ideas to a bottle of gin, whiskey, or non-alcoholic bubbly!

    Wine Bottle Boxes

    Not only do beautiful wooden boxes add a touch of sophistication to your gift, but it also makes your wine the perfect shape for gift wrapping! Fill the wooden wine box with shredded paper beforehand for extra cushion and complete it with a gift tag and card written to your recipient. Wooden wine boxes are also more than ideal if you are planning to ship your gift to a friend across the country. 

    Our Vintage Fired Champagne & Wine Planter is an excellent option for standard bottles of wine, giving your gift that cute handmade touch. On either side are rope handles for easy carrying, but they also add to the rustic aesthetic of the piece. We stock a range of wooden wine boxes at Northern Willow, made to fit one, two, three, or six bottles.

    Wicker Wine Carriers

    If you’re looking for pure elegance, why not choose a wicker wine carrier to carry your bottle? Stylish and practical, wine bottle baskets make transporting bubbly easy, which is a great option for gifting wine. If you are gifting up to six bottles of wine, or you want the added option of adding wine glasses to your gift - this is a perfect choice. 

    Our 6 bottle baskets are perfect for any occasion and the antique wash finish adds a classic touch making it a great decorative piece. For something a touch more extravagant, the special event basket is ideal. The basket is made from antique-finished willow woven onto a wooden frame with an added real leather handle for ease of use. The outer ring holds 6 champagne flutes, which come included.

    Reusable Bottle Bags

    Paper bottle bags have been around for years, and they can be found in most large supermarkets. Yes, they are convenient, however, they are often thrown out soon after being received. If you want the convenience of a bag with an added element of sustainability, why not go for a reusable option?

    After a quick search on the web, you can find sustainably made cotton-drawstring bags (we love this idea from The Clever Baggers), or even a canvas bag if you are looking for something with a little more structure. If you are aiming to impress even the fanciest of your friends, take a look at these stunning leather wine totes from Buffalo Jackson. 

    Wine Hamper Baskets

    If you’re keen to go above and beyond, why not create a wine hamper for your giftee of choice? Choose one of our beautiful hamper baskets and fill it with your chosen bottle and a selection of tasty treats - this could be nuts, truffle crisps, crackers, chutney, and anything in between!

    We’ve recently written a blog discussing how to create the perfect gift hamper for a number of occasions, including the items you should include and how to make your basket look beautiful. 

    How Do You Decorate a Wine Bottle For a Gift?

    If you want to ensure your wine not only tastes good but also looks the part, why not decorate your bottle? Here are some of our favourite (and easiest!) decorating ideas:

    • Wrap your bottle with brown or patterned wrapping paper
    • Add a bow or ribbon around the bottleneck
    • Attach small seasonal decorations to your ribbons such as a sprig of holly and bells at Christmas time
    • If you’re feeling creative, paint or papier-mâché your bottle
    • Finish with a wine bottle hat (Yes these are a thing! Check out the selection available on Etsy)
    • Finish with a handwritten gift tag

    What is a Nice Bottle Of Wine For a Gift?

    When you’re choosing which bottle of wine to pick up for a gift, there are a few rules that you should consider:

    • Go for something that the gift receiver wouldn’t typically buy themselves, usually something mid to high-end in price
    • Consider the season for wines with the best flavour profiles
    • If you have a particular personal favourite, consider gifting that bottle of wine alongside your genuine endorsement
    • Don’t be afraid to make an unusual choice or try something new
    • And most importantly, consider the person’s tastes and preferences before anything else!

    We’ve listed a few of our favourite wine choices below:

    Whispering Angel

    Of course, we all know a wine fanatic in our life who love the classic Whispering Angel Rose. This bottle in particular is endorsed by wine connoisseurs across the world, and with delicious notes of grapefruit and lemon on the palette, we certainly agree!

    Orange Wine

    If your giftee is a lover of unique wines, why not consider an orange wine, such as the delicious Remhoogte Chenin from Wanderlust Wines? The recently popular orange wines are new to the scene, but they hold their rightful place with unique flavour profiles developed by prolonged contact between grape skins, juice, and seeds. 

    New Zealand Sauvignon

    As a wine expert’s top choice, this zesty Sauvignon Blanc offers lashings of pineapple, mango, and kiwi notes, which are perfect for sipping on a balcony in the summertime. At just £10 per bottle, this M&S bottle is the cheapest of our recommendations, but it certainly doesn’t taste that way!

    Wine Carriers & Gift Boxes From Northern Willow

    Elevate your wine-gifting game with the help of Northern Willow. With our complete range of wicker wine carriers and wooden wine boxes, we are sure to have something that will impress every birthday boy, hostess, or wine aficionado!

    Each wine bottle basket is made from sustainably sourced materials and carefully crafted to last for years to come. With delivery from as little as £3.99 and with free shipping on every order over £100 - what’s stopping you? 

    If you have any questions, or you’d simply like to find out more, feel free to reach out to our team!

    Wine Gifting FAQs

    How Do You Gift Wrap 6 Bottles Of Wine?

    Start by wrapping each bottle with tissue paper as a protective layer, before adding bows and decorations if you wish. Next, we’d suggest picking up a wine carrier specifically made for six bottles. These can be made from cardboard or wicker. Add in your bottles and complete them with a gift tag.

    At Northern Willow, we stock a 6-bottle wine chest box that would be perfect for your needs. Made from vintage pine, the chest secures each bottle perfectly and can be reused several times.

    Is Wine a Good Birthday Gift?

    Yes! Wine is hugely versatile, making an easy (or potentially last minute!) birthday gift. Not only that, but wine is a gift that can suit all budgets. You only need to spend £10 on a tasty bottle, but you have the option to indulge if you want to. Most importantly, it is a gift we are likely to be happy with receiving ourselves, which is the most important part.

    If your loved one doesn’t drink, you could also consider a non-alcoholic white or red wine. If your gift recipient is celebrating a special birthday, such as their 18th, 21st, or round number birthdays, why not treat them to a special bottle of champagne or bubbly?

    How Much Should You Spend On a Bottle Of Wine As a Gift?

    This is a question we get asked regularly, and the truth is, it depends on several factors including your own budget, the preferences of the giftee, and your relationship with them.

    To hit that sweet spot of quality and value, we’d suggest spending at least £9 to £15 on a bottle of white or red wine. If you want to spend a little more, why not consider a fancy bottle of fizz? A great bottle of prosecco or champagne would cost around £15 in supermarkets, or you could buy a delicious bottle of Moët et Chandon Brut Impérial for around £35.