Gifts For Dad: 5 Father's Day Gift Basket Ideas

by Jasmine Savery

Getting a present for Father’s Day can be difficult and often very predictable each time (we’re all guilty of buying the same pair of socks every year!). Why narrow a present down to one singular gift when you can create something even more thoughtful - a hamper!

A gift basket is ideal for filling with all their favourite treats. But where do you start when making a Father’s Day gift basket? Fear not, we're here to give you our top 5 Father’s Day gift basket ideas to ensure you have a present that stands out this June.

So, what can you put in a hamper for Father’s Day? There's no definitive answer to this question - it all depends on the person you are creating the hamper for. Some great themed ideas for Father’s Day gift baskets you could create include:

  • Sports Themed Hamper 
  • Food Lovers Hamper 
  • Pamper Night Hamper 
  • DIY Hamper
  • Fishing Hamper

    Read on to find out more about how to make the ultimate Father’s Day gift basket and our top gifts for filling your hamper.

    What To Put in A Father’s Day Gift Basket 

    It all depends on the dad that you’re creating it for. For example, there's no point filling a gift basket with beer for someone who doesn't drink! However, if the man in your life is a total food and drink fanatic, then wine would be the perfect addition to your hamper!

    Start by picking one special item and build your hamper from there. This doesn't have to be the most expensive choice but rather something that is unique to the recipient and is sure to stand out. 

    Now that you’ve picked your special item, it’s time to fill the rest of your gift basket with other exciting treats. We’ve highlighted five different themed baskets perfect for all father figures that could help to bring inspiration into creating your very own Father’s Day gift basket:

    Fishing Themed Hamper 

    Impress the fisherman in your life this Father’s Day by creating the ultimate fishing hamper for them. A fishing hamper is all about creating something practical that they can take on their next fishing trip, so include items such as:

    • Fishing Creel
    • Cooler bag for keeping drinks cool for a hot day spent fishing
    • Bait bucket 
    • A pack of gummy fish (a total guilty pleasure that we all love!)
    • Loose Feed Pellets 
    • Artificial bait
    • Fishing line 
    • Fishing Hook 
    • Fishing-themed drinking flask or cup
    • Fish-themed socks to keep them warm for a cold day of fishing 

    Sports Themed Hamper 

    We all know a sports fanatic that loves anything football, cycling, or golf-themed, to name a few! It will be impossible not to love this sports-themed hamper, especially if you fill it with some of these treats:

    • Golf balls 
    • Sports energy drinks 
    • New socks fitting for their favourite sport 
    • T-Shirt or jersey of their favourite team 
    • Sports-themed sweets or chocolates (even athletes need a treat!)
    • Tickets to a sporting event 
    • Gift voucher for their favourite sports store 
    • A baseball cap 
    • A sports-themed keychain 

    Get creative with your choice of basket here. If they’re a keen cyclist, why not pop your treats in a bicycle basket for a cute touch?

    Food & Drink Hamper 

    Food is the universal language of love, so show the father figure in your life how much you love them with a hamper filled with their favourite tasty treats. To really get their stomachs rumbling and mouths watering, why not try putting in:

    • Selection of fine cheeses & crackers
    • Pack of their favourite nuts
    • Bottle of award-winning wine (decorating your wine bottle helps to add luxurious feel - find out more in the blog linked)
    • Their favourite box of chocolates 
    • Personalised apron to wear when cooking their favourite dish 
    • A wine bottle carrier 
    • Case of their favourite beer 

    Here's one that we created recently:

    Pamper Night Hamper 

    Everyone deserves a pamper every now and again, not just us ladies! Pamper items are underrated gifts that men don’t often treat themselves too. Choose items that he’ll use everyday, which might include:

    • Beard comb 
    • Hair gel 
    • Their favourite aftershave 
    • Facemasks 
    • Some of their favourite chocolate or sweet treats 
    • Beards oil 
    • A tweezer set 
    • A lip scrub 

    Handyman Hamper 

    It's a common theme with the father figures.. many seem to call themselves DIY experts! We’ve highlighted some of our favourite DIY hampers which will have them fixing up the home in no time:

    • A set of screwdrivers 
    • A tape measure 
    • A hammer 
    • A set of ear protectors
    • A set of luxury protective gloves
    • A packet of their favourite sweets or chocolate (DIY can be hungry work!)
    • A new tool belt 
    • Duct tape or painting tape 

    If you’re looking for more gift basket ideas, why not explore one of our most popular blogs - ‘How To Make A Gift Basket For Birthdays, Christmas, & More!

    How Do You Decorate a Father's Day Gift Basket?

    Now that you’ve collected all your goodiesfor your Father’s Day Hamper, its time to put it all together. The men in our lives tend to love practical items so why not place your item in a basket that can be repurposed around the home such as this stunning handled one from Northern Willow?  

    You can even incorporate it into the theme of the hamper, for example, if you’ve created a food and drink hamper, place it inside a picnic basket or if it's a fishing hamper use a fishing creel

    Fill your chosen basket with tissue or shredded paper before filling it up. Place the largest item at the back of the basket in the centre, and the medium items next to that. Leave your smallest items to fill in any gaps.

    Leave open, or wrap your hamper with cellophane and secure with ribbon. Add a gift tag for a lovely, personal touch.

    Gift Hampers At Northern Willow 

    At Northern Willow, we offer a range of sustainable, handmade luxury Father’s Day baskets, which are perfect for gifting alone or for creating your own hamper. Each of our baskets is made from the finest sustainable materials so this is a gift that can be loved for a lifetime. 

    From our traditional hampers to wine carries and even fishing baskets we have everything you need to create the perfect gift basket. We even offer free delivery on all orders over £100!

    If you have any questions, or you’d like more gifting inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact our team!