How To Make An Easter Hamper

by Jasmine Savery

Easter is a fun and warm holiday to spend time celebrating with all of your family and friends. A big Easter tradition is baskets and hampers; but where do you start when creating one? The Northern Willow seasonal & gifting team are here to help you create the ultimate Easter hamper to impress all your loved ones this holiday. 

So, what is an Easter hamper? An Easter hamper is typically a wicker gift basket filled with an array of delightful Easter-themed treats such as chocolate, Easter eggs, hot cross buns and even stuffed bunny teddies. Typically they are created for children but they can be tailored for any age to spread festivities and celebrate the Easter holiday. 

Read on to discover how to create the perfect Easter hamper to impress your loved ones this holiday. 

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What To Put In Easter Baskets

How To Decorate Easter Baskets

Handmade Hamper Baskets at Northern Willow

What to Put in Easter Baskets

An Easter basket is a perfect gift, but it can be difficult to figure out what to put inside them. The gifts that you select for an Easter basket all depend on the person that you are creating the basket for as you will need to tailor it depending on factors such as age and interests. The best place to start however when creating a holiday-themed gift hamper is to pick items that fit the theme. We’ve highlighted some of the types of Easter hampers you can make, and outlined our favourite items to add to each.

What To Put In a Child's Easter Basket

Everything that you place in an Easter basket for a child should exude the fun and excitement associated with the holiday and springtime. For a child, the best hamper holds a mixture of both delicious treats and fun activities to help stimulate all the senses and keep them entertained. We’ve highlighted some of our favourites below:

  • Chocolate eggs 
  • A stuffed bunny or chick toy 
  • Easter-themed colouring book and colouring pens 
  • Easter-themed jellies or sweets 
  • A new reading book 
  • Toy-filled Easter eggs so they can create their own Easter egg hunt 
  • A new toy or arts and crafts kit
  • An exciting squash or fizzy drink to wash down all that chocolate!

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Easter Hamper Ideas for Adults 

Despite tradition, Easter is a time for everyone to celebrate not just the kids! Any adult is sure to love an Easter hamper especially if you fill it with some of these delectable treats:

  • A bottle of wine (or sparkling fruit juice as a non-alcoholic alternative)
  • A delicious selection of chocolates 
  • Egg-shaped sweets 
  • Chocolate eggs 
  • A selection of chutneys and jams 
  • Their favourite collection of biscuits 
  • A box of luxury tea or coffee to enjoy all their delicious treats with 
  • An Easter-themed mug 

Easter Chocolate Hamper 

Chocolate is arguably one of the most exciting elements of Easter, coming in all shapes and sizes from traditional eggs to bunnies. For the chocoholic in your life spoil them this Easter with a delicious chocolate hamper packed with amazing treats, we’ve highlighted some of our favourites: 

  • Chocolate eggs 
  • Chocolate bunny or chicks 
  • Hot chocolate 
  • Chocolate-flavoured candle (YES, these are a thing! We love this one from Hotel Chocolat)
  • Chocolate-flavoured liqueur (or a chocolate milkshake as an alternative) 
  • Their favourite bar of chocolate 
  • A selection of chocolate mini eggs so they can have a chocolate-themed egg hunt 
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries 

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How to Decorate Easter Baskets

Easter is the best time of the year to get crafty and creative with your gifts, especially when creating an Easter basket. The best place to start is with the actual basket itself, you want something that is both practical and stylish, such as the array of Easter baskets we sell online at Northern Willow. This is to ensure that the outside looks just as good as the treats you're displaying inside.

Before placing your items in the basket fill the basket with some coloured shredded paper to make your items really pop (we love light pink or pastel yellow paper to in-keep with the Easter theme). Once all your items are inside the basket decorate the basket with an array of Easter-themed decorations, this could be paper bunny ears, little plastic chicks or a big spotted bow!

Handmade Hamper Baskets at Northern Willow 

At Northern Willow, we offer a range of handmade, stylish baskets and hampers perfect for any occasion or area around your home. Each of our Easter baskets is made from the finest handmade, sustainable materials so your hamper looks just as fabulous as the gifts inside. 

From our traditional hampers perfect for any occasion to our theme-specific hampers such as our wine carriers and picnic baskets we have everything you need for the perfect hamper.