How To Clean Your Wicker Basket & Top Tips For Making Them Last

by Jasmine Savery

Wicker baskets are an ideal way to organise your home; their uses are endless. Use them for tidying toys, planting your indoor plants, organising laundry and clean clothes and more! The only downfall when it comes to cleaning the wicker baskets is that they can be a nightmare to clean! So, if you have a wicker basket that’s looking like it needs some TLC, learn how to make them look as good as new, with help from Northern Willow.

So, how can you clean your wicker basket to make them last? You can clean your wicker basket with these three items: a soft, or microfiber cloth, water and washing-up liquid. To maintain your wicker baskets, you should:

  • Gently Brush
  • Use A Damp Cloth to Clean
  • Avoid storing near artificial heat 
  • Don’t overfill so the handles become weak
  • Use leather cream if appropriate
  • Store in a dust bag
  • Keep liquids sealed
  • Avoid damp
  • Read on to look through our guide to cleaning your wicker baskets at Northern Willow. You might find some great tips along the way!

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    How to Clean Your Wicker Baskets To Make Them Last

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    How to Clean an Old Wicker Picnic Basket?

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    We know that cleaning wicker baskets can be a pain but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Once you have your microfibre cloth, water and washing up liquid, follow these steps for cleaning your wicker basket:

    1. Empty your wicker basket of all its contents.
    2. Start by dusting your wicker basket with a dry or lightly damp microfiber cloth.
    3. Mix a few drops of dish soap in a large bowl of warm water.
    4. Wet your cloth in soapy water, ring out to get rid of any excess water, and then continue to wipe gently down the wicker. Be gentle, as a firm hand could rub away some of the wicker colourings. 
    5. Allow your wicker basket to air dry completely, before using it again. Allow drying outdoors if possible.

    So now the initial cleaning is done, the next steps are to maintain this cleanliness so that your wicker basket can last.

    Storing Your Wicker Basket

    Avoid storing your basket near radiators or any other heated appliances in the home as this can make the wicker more brittle. We’d also suggest avoiding damp areas as it’s likely to get mouldy if kept in this environment. If you aren’t currently using your wicker basket, or it is in storage, our team recommends keeping it in a dust bag so you can prevent any dirt from getting into the woven grooves.

    Take Care of Wicker Basket Handles

    Our wicker baskets are woven together by hand, so it is important to take care of this material type. Overfilling your basket can make the weight too heavy for your basket to withstand, snapping the weaved handles. If you’d like to find out how much weight your wicker basket can hold, be sure to check each product description. 

    Take Care of Leather Materials

    If your basket contains leather material, whether as a lining or details, this needs taking care of just like the wicker. You might find leather on our wicker hamper baskets or log baskets. We suggest using a small amount of leather cream to buff the material with a clean cloth. Do this at least once per month to keep your wicker basket looking its best! The cream will help keep the leather supple, and bright, and provide surface protection. Please note, this is to be used only on smooth or grainy leather.

    Filling Your Wicker Basket

    Keep products such as sun cream, make-up, and markers in sealed bags in case of any spills in your wicker basket. You can avoid irreversible damage from ink and pigmented oily stains this way. Both of these are two of the most common types of damage on bag or basket linings, and the hardest to remove. If you’re using your basket on a picnic, be sure to wrap food in plastic wrap or use airtight Tupperware to avoid pesky crumbs and leaks!

    How to Clean Dusty Wicker Baskets

    If your wicker basket is dusty, the good news is that it's easy to clean off and doesn't leave your storage looking any different. To do so, you can either brush or vacuum the surface as much as you can. Gently vacuuming is beneficial as the vacuum extensions can get into the crevices, where the dust particles tend to collect in wicker. Alternatively, use a gentle brush to wipe off the tops of baskets, or turn upside-down outside and use gravity to your benefit. 

    How to Clean Mould Off Wicker Baskets

    Though mould on your products might make you run for strong cleaning products like bleach and citric acid, don’t reach for harmful products in these situations. What you can use for a strong yet non-harmful clean, is use vinegar and water. Again, use a microfiber cloth to wipe this over the mouldy area, then use a damp cloth in water to clean the solution off the wicker. Dry your wicker basket with a paper towel afterwards. 

    You must treat the root cause of the mould to prevent it from happening again, which may include using your wicker basket elsewhere, away from damp corners or condensation on windows, Mould may grow back on your wicker storage if it is kept in a moist/damp environment over a lengthy period. Most of the time, the storage is salvageable if too much damage hasn’t been done.

    How to Clean an Old Wicker Picnic Basket

    If your wicker picnic basket is old, it may require gentle cleaning. We recommend water mixed with a mild detergent. Wait for the suds to settle and then go over the wicker with a gentle, clean cloth once you have dipped it into the mixture. If you have a soft bristle toothbrush, this should help you remove any tough stains as it's able to get into the crevices. Be sure to dry your wicker picnic basket after cleaning to prevent the growth of mould or a damp smell from developing. 

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    If these steps don't revive your wicker, then our wide range of stylish wicker baskets is here for your convenience. Products range from storage hamper to storage tray laundry set just to name a few. If you need more wicker care advice, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team!

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