What Do You Put In An Autumn Hamper?

by Jasmine Savery

Autumn is a cosy and fun season to spend with friends and family. You might have a friend or family member with a birthday in autumn, or you’re attending a Halloween party, so it’s the perfect excuse for a hamper! 

But where do you start when creating one? Northern Willow’s seasonal & gifting team are here to help you make the ultimate autumn hamper to impress all your loved ones. So, what do you put in an autumn hamper? 

The best items to put inside an autumn hamper should be chutneys, apple cider or something cosy for the colder days (fluffy socks and a set of new hats & gloves are one of our go-to choices!). The gifts you put inside an autumn hamper depend on the person for whom you are creating the present. It will need to be tailored depending on factors such as their age and interest.

Read on to find out more about what you should put in an autumn hamper with Northern Willow. 

How Do You Make An Autumn Hamper? 

When it comes to making an autumn hamper, the possibilities are endless! A hamper, especially ours from Northern Willow, makes the perfect birthday gift for the cosy season or an ideal present for a party host! Our top picks for an autumn hamper are: 

  • Coffee gift card- who doesn’t love a good pumpkin-spiced latte? 
  • Pumpkin scent candle or reed diffuser. 
  • Cosy, fluffy socks! 
  • Teddy fleece blanket for warming up on a cold night. 
  • Apple chutney (perfectly paired with cheese!) 
  • Rich bag of coffee or hot chocolate. 
  • Delicious chocolates or sweets.
  • Apple cider (Or some sparkling apple juice as a non-alcoholic alternative). 
  • A new set of hats and gloves (featuring a nice autumn colour such as cream or burgundy). 

How Do You Make A Halloween Hamper? 

There are so many ways to make a Halloween hamper; get as creative as possible! A hamper is the perfect gift for someone hosting a party or someone who loves something spooky on their birthday. Some of our favourite things for a Halloween hamper are: 

  • A scary movie (or an animated, less scary film for those not into horror). 
  • Halloween-themed treats: sweets and chocolate. 
  • Halloween scented candle or reed diffuser. 
  • A spooky-related mug or glass. 
  • For younger children, add a stuffed animal like a black cat. 
  • Halloween-themed blanket. 
  • Costume accessories like devil horns, fangs or cat ears. 
  • Blood red wine to live out a vampire fantasy (Cherryaid makes a great non-alcoholic alternative). 

Are you looking for more creative gift hamper ideas? Why not read our blog on ‘How To Make A Gift Basket’? Perfect for ideas for birthdays, Christmas and more! 

How Should You Decorate An Autumn Hamper?

When it comes to Autumn gifts, you have free reign to get creative and bring in different decor elements to create the perfect gift. The basket itself is the best place to start; you’ll want something practical and stylish, such as the array of hampers we sell at Northern Willow. Our baskets can be utilised outside of giving treats and will be a great addition to your autumnal gift. 

Before placing your items in your hamper, fill the basket with some shredded paper to make your items really pop (we love orange or red to keep in with the autumn theme). Once you’ve filled your basket with all your items, you can decorate your baskets with all things autumnal, such as leaves, dried flowers, and little pumpkins. Don’t forget a lovely orange bow! 

How Should You Decorate A Halloween Hamper? 

Halloween hampers can have different themes to them. You could go with a witch theme and feature pointy hats, spiders and cauldrons as decorations for the finished basket. Or you could choose a ghost theme with little ghosts (like these from Etsy), graves and skeletons to decorate your Halloween hamper. 

How Should You Wrap An Autumn Basket? 

Once you’ve chosen your treats and basket, you might wonder how you’re going to present it. One of our favourite ways is to wrap your hamper in cellophane and secure it with a coloured ribbon. Green or orange ribbons are perfect colours for the autumnal season. 

We love finishing our gift baskets by adding a gift tag and decorating them with autumnal decorations, such as a little pumpkin or pine cone. You might even opt for a witch hat to fit your Halloween theme. 

Handmade Hamper Baskets With Northern Willow 

At Northern Willow, we offer a range of stylish and sustainable baskets and hampers perfect for any occasion or area of your home. Each of our baskets and hampers are made from the finest sustainable materials, the ideal gift for someone this autumn. 

From our traditional hampers, perfect for any occasion, to our handled baskets, perfect for carrying around sweets. We are sure to have the perfect basket for your autumn hamper. If you need any help with your hamper, contact one of our team members today for support and advice.