How To Deal With Post-Christmas Clutter: 5 Top Tips

by Jasmine Savery

Often, it’s easy to get bogged down about dealing with the clutter after the Christmas celebrations have ended. People tend to get overwhelmed with the amount of clutter they have accumulated over just a few weeks! Yet, you can organise it so it’s ready for next year, and your space can feel like yours again with some stylish and practical storage solutions. But how do you begin to deal with post-Christmas clutter?

Start by clearing out any unwanted clutter, from broken decorations to unwanted items. Break down how you want to organise your post-Christmas clutter. You can get a range of baskets or storage items from there to make your home feel clutter-free. Don’t forget to label everything with cute labels for storage and decorative purposes. This can help you see what Christmas decor you have for the next season!

Read on to find out our tips and tricks for keeping your home clutter-free post-Christmas.  

Tips For Clearing Up Post-Christmas Clutter

Organising after Christmas can feel like a hassle at times. But it helps keep you organised for the next holiday season and prepares your home for your next celebrations. Organising post-Christmas can help you feel more on top of the clutter you already have, develop better organising habits and help you handle the festive blues. It can seem overwhelming when you start, but we’ve highlighted some great tips to help you deal with the post-Christmas clutter!

Purge Items And Make Space

Before you start thinking about labels, baskets, bins or getting creative, you need to start by clearing out some excess clutter or items you won’t continue using. You should review the things you already have, including decor, clothes, games and toys and consider if you are still using them or if they’re just taking up extra space. 

You use this stage for whittling down what items you use regularly (such as the clothes and shoes you ‘do’ actually wear) and what you could donate to local charities or sell secondhand on websites such as Vinted

You can then organise your items by category groups such as shoes, trousers, tops (sorting this out into further subcategories such as strappy tops, long sleeves, etc), toys, games and decorations. 

Clear Out Any Excess Decorations

Now you’ve assessed your personal items, it’s time to start on decor. It’s so easy to go overboard with buying Christmas decorations, but it’s best to declutter what you already have. Assess what you’ve already decorated with over the Christmas period and what you’ve left in storage. 

The decorations that have been left in storage for many Christmas can either be passed onto another family member or donated to a charity such as the Air Ambulance

Organise Everything! 

Here comes the fun part! From here, you can store all your items in bins, baskets and containers. This will give you the freedom of your space back and allow you to have some fun choosing which storage solutions are perfect for you. 

We’d recommend a variety of baskets and bins of all different sizes to keep all of your items safe. Our wicker rattan floor baskets are perfect for keeping all those blankets you’ve been displaying and excellent for putting in a cupboard, as they come with convenient handles. Our deeper grey-washed storage hampers are great for storing decorative items such as figurines and tinsel. 

Let’s Get Labeling!

Labelling is essential when decluttering post-Christmas. It will make it easier to find things when you need them or when you come to decorate again. They’re an adorable addition to any basket or bin whilst being practical at the same time. 

Decals are a great way of labelling too! These from Etsy pair beautifully with any of our baskets for clutter and add a touch of charm to any storage space. 

Store Items Safely

Once everything has been organised into storage baskets and bins, it’s time to pack it all away. Whether you store your items in the attic or a cupboard, it’s essential to be careful with how you put them away. We’d recommend wrapping fragile items in bubble wrap to prevent breakage and ensure they’re cushioned by something. 

We’d recommend organising your storage space by putting your baskets in order of when you need them and their priority. This will allow you to establish a system and keep all your items in one place before the next big holiday season!

Why Is Christmas Storage Important? 

While storing your items post-Christmas may seem like a lot of effort, it’s worth it. First, it allows you to see how much you own and what you use regularly compared to other items that could do with a new home. Secondly, it will enable you to find your decor and clothes easier as you won’t have to dig around to find them. This will save you money as you will be aware of what you already own and what you actually need to purchase. 

Christmas Storage Baskets From Northern Willow 

Here at Northern Willow, we offer a range of stylish and functional handcrafted baskets and hampers, perfect storage for your home. From our sleek-handled baskets to our robust lidded baskets, we have the storage solution to keep all your clutter at bay. 

If you have any questions or need help with storage solutions, contact us today! Our team is happy to help with all your storage needs. 

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