Make Your Pantry Pinterest-Worthy: Pantry Storage, Styling & More!

by Jasmine Savery

Often, your pantry and cupboards get overlooked regarding storage. People tend to get bogged down with the endless bags of pasta, unused spices and boxes of cereal. Yet, your pantry can become a beautiful, practical space with fun storage solutions. But how do you begin with making your pantry worthy of being posted on Pinterest? 

Start by categorising your pantry by item. Breaking down your pantry can help you to sort out what products you want to group. From there, you can get a range of baskets, tubs or jars to make your pantry easily accessible for grabbing products. Don’t forget to get some cute labels for storage and decorative purposes. This can help you to see what you already have and what’s running low. 

Read on to find out our top tips and tricks to make your pantry worthy of posting on Pinterest! 

Pinterest-Worthy Pantry Ideas

Organising your pantry is a chore at times. But it can create a beautiful and practical space that the whole family will find easy to use. It can help prevent you from wasting food and live a better life as you develop better organising habits; it’s also an ideal place for storing your snacks from prying eyes. It can seem overwhelming to start with, but we’ve highlighted some great ideas to make your pantry a picture of Pinterest!

Categorise Your Items (And Snacks!) 

Before you start thinking about labels, bins, baskets or getting creative, you need to start by categorising everything inside your pantry. You should pull everything out and toss out anything that’s already expired.

You can also use this stage to whittle down what you use and what you could do with being donated to a food bank or put on food-sharing sites like Olio

You should then organise your items into groups such as food (separating these further into categories such as canned goods, baking goods and dry foods), crockery, utensils and appliances. 

Containers, Bins and Baskets 

After all your items have been categorised, the fun part starts! From here, you can store your items in bins, baskets, containers and jars. This will create a Pinterest-worthy pantry by pairing different styles and themes to create a beautifully organised space. 

We recommend a mix of clear acrylic jars and baskets to create a simple yet elegant look for your pantry. Our black paper rope trays make perfect displays for any of your snacks, from biscuits to crips-great for easy access, too! Our deeper storage basket set is ideal for putting less-used items on top shelves, such as stand mixers or slow cookers. 

Labelling and Decals

Labelling is vital to keeping your pantry organised. It will make your pantry easy to navigate for everyone in your household and simplify finding precisely what you’re looking for. They’re a cute addition to any of your bins or baskets whilst being practical.  It will eliminate the need to rummage through and create unnecessary clutter. 

Decals are another great option if you don’t want to be too formal with labels. These adorable stickers from Etsy look like they came from Pinterest, perfect for any theme. 

Get Creative 

Every pantry is different, so feel free to be as creative as you like. You can stack different baskets on top of one another or create a stair effect with your containers. There are no rules to how you can organise your pantry! Our shallow wicker trays are perfect for displaying your snacks and for putting jars in if you want to do something different. 

What Should You Be Storing In Your Pantry? 

You can store a variety of different things within a pantry. It’s an excellent space for keeping all your clutter and excess from your kitchen. It’s also a perfect space to add a bit of style straight from Pinterest! People store typical things: 

  • Dry goods, such as flour and coffee. Great ways of storing these are in acrylic or glass jars with a label. 
  • Canned goods, such as beans or soup. You can display these in shallow trays or a deep storage basket
  • Appliances, such as coffee machines or hand mixers. If you’re not using these as much, you can put them on the top shelves for display. 
  • Crockery, such as plates and bowls.  Plates and bowls add a splash of colour to any pantry and it’s a great way to keep them safe when you’re not using them. 
  • Drinks, like water or soda. If you’ve got no space in your fridge, the pantry is a great place to keep drinks. You can keep them in large storage baskets, categorised by what type of drink they are! 
  • Snacks, such as crips and biscuits. These are perfect in trays both for display purposes and late-night snacking. 

Check out our guide for more ideas about what you can store in your pantry! We show you how to make your kitchen feel a little less cluttered. 

Why Is Pantry Storage Important? 

While it may seem like an effort to organise your pantry, it’s worth it. First, it will stop you from wasting so much food as you’ll be able to see and use the product before it expires. Secondly, it’ll save you time as you won’t have to dig through your cupboards to find what you want. This will save you money, as you’ll know what ingredients you already have and what you need to purchase. 

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