How Do You Create Storage in a Small Bathroom?

by Jasmine Savery

Small bathrooms can be a nightmare that many of us will face at some point in our lives. Pair that with awkward wall angles, inefficient storage options, and a lack of shelving - and it can be a recipe for a clutter explosion. Luckily for us, there are plenty of ways to efficiently create storage and declutter, even in a small bathroom.

So how do you create storage in a small bathroom? To create storage in a small bathroom, you can purchase alternative storage options, such as:

  • Tall drawers to fill corner spaces
  • Free standing storage or laundry hampers
  • Small wicker bathroom storage to place on shelves and separate drawers
  • Wall hanging storage on walls or the back of doors 

    Read on to find out more about how to make a small bathroom functional, how to make a small bathroom look less cluttered, and what to do when you don’t have drawers.

    How Do You Make a Small Bathroom Functional?

    Creating storage is the best way to make a small bathroom functional. While you may be thinking that you don’t have enough space to fit a big chest of drawers or large shelves to store your items - rest assured that there are still options available for you. We’ve created this easy guide to small bathroom storage.

    Experiment With Drawer Shapes

    Not having space for a standard set of drawers shouldn’t set you back. You can purchase tall and thin shelves that can easily fit into a small corner or space while still providing plenty of bathroom storage space. Pairing these with small storage baskets that fit on each shelf can be a great way to keep everything neat and organised.

    Bathroom drawer being utilised

    Free Standing Storage

    Using standing baskets and storage such as this free-standing wicker laundry hamper can also maximise the amount of space that you can use. Make sure to measure the floor space that you’re looking to fill before purchasing the right size - this way you can make the most of the space you have.

    Bathroom drawers, free standing storage and plant

    Small Storage Options

    Be creative with using small baskets and similar containers. Small bathroom storage like this laundry storage basket is great for storing all of the bathroom essentials that you would usually have out on the counter top. They can also perfectly fit into small spaces such as under the sink, in closets, behind doors, and on top of the toilet or bathtub.

    White bathroom basket holding towels

    Wall Hanging Storage

    Wall hanging options such as hanging door pouches, towel racks and hangers, medicine cabinets, and wall mounted shelving are another great way to create shelf space without taking up more of the floor.

    Bathroom wall hanging pouch alongside sink and toiletries

    How Do You Make a Small Bathroom Look Less Cluttered?

    Using drawers and bathroom storage baskets can hide the clutter of items in a place that’s still easily accessible. Instead of having all of your products on shelves that are always visible, simply place them in something you can shut!

    Mirrors can also make a bathroom appear larger, which in turn could help with making it appear less cluttered. Avoid placing items in front of the mirror though, as this will only double the visual clutter. Another way to make the bathroom appear larger is by choosing glass shower doors over shower curtains. Curtains act as a wall that makes the room appear even smaller than it is, so choosing a glass door that you can see through will open up the space.

    Avoid furniture with deep drawers or shelves that are too far apart. Whilst at first glance this may look like it has lots of storage space, the reality is that most bathroom items are quite small, so all this is doing is wasting space. If you’re in a rented flat or can’t avoid this, invest in some wicker bathroom storage to separate sections so that more of the space is usable. You could even purchase stackable baskets with lids, such as these 14 inch double-steamed wicker baskets.

    What to Do When You Don’t Have Drawers?

    When you don’t have drawers in a small bathroom, it can be difficult to organise everything and stop it from looking cluttered. If this is the case, it’s important to use baskets, boxes, and other storage options to contain your items and stop them from cluttering up the shelves. Using decorative baskets that fit nicely onto your shelves will keep everything hidden from view whilst also looking stylish and on theme. Why not try these homely lined storage baskets?

    If you have cupboards, you can also create hanging baskets that attach to the inside of the doors. This is a great way to store cleaning supplies and other things that you need access to regularly.

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