Wicker Baskets For Storage: 7 Ways To Maximise Space

by Jasmine Savery

With the spring season approaching, it's a good time to consider the upcoming spring cleaning tasks, including organising your possessions, decluttering, and cleaning your wicker baskets for storage. However,  are wicker baskets good for storage?

Yes, wicker baskets are a great option for storage because they're versatile, aesthetically appealing, and very practical. There are many methods to organise your wicker baskets for storage, ranging from vertical storage options to floating shelves and more. 

Continue reading to learn the 7 most efficient ways to use wicker baskets for storage, what items are suitable for large wicker baskets, and whether wicker baskets are a good choice for storage purposes.

7 Ways To Utilise Wicker Baskets For Storage

Are you thinking about decluttering and organising your home with wicker baskets as we approach the spring cleaning season? Read on for 7 creative storage ideas.

Vertical Storage

Using wicker baskets for vertical storage is an efficient way to make the most of limited space. By arranging baskets vertically on shelves or racks, you capitalise on unused wall space while maintaining easy access to your stored items. This method is particularly effective for small rooms or apartments where floor space is at a premium.

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Under-Bed Storage

Placing wicker baskets beneath your bed offers an excellent way to utilise minimal space. By sliding baskets under the bed frame, you create a discreet and organised storage area for items like shoes, clothing or bedding. This method helps declutter the bedroom while keeping essentials easily accessible. 

For under-bed storage, check out our double-steamed wicker storage baskets with white lining here.

Nested Stacking

Nested stacking of wicker baskets is a space-saving strategy that optimises storage capacity. Choose baskets of varying sizes that can neatly nest inside one another when not in use. This approach is versatile and adaptable to changing storage needs. Whether you're storing toys, accessories, or household items, nested stacking allows for efficient use of space while maintaining a tidy appearance. 

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Modular Cubes

Modular cubes provide an excellent way to use wicker baskets for storage due to their customisable nature. These cubes offer flexibility in arranging and adapting the storage configuration to suit specific items and changing needs. By easily integrating wicker baskets into these cubes, you not only achieve an organised and aesthetic storage solution but also enjoy the convenience of easy access.

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Drawer Alternatives

Wicker baskets can serve as an alternative to traditional drawers, particularly in furniture pieces like dressers or cabinets. The open weave of wicker allows for ventilation, making it suitable for storing items like clothing, linens, or accessories. This approach adds a touch of rustic charm to your storage solutions while offering the practicality of easy organisation and retrieval.

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Floating Shelves

By placing baskets on floating shelves, you create a visually interesting and functional appearance. This approach is particularly effective in living rooms or home offices, where a mix of decoration and functionality is desired. Floating shelves with wicker baskets allow for the display of decorative items alongside practical storage, making it a versatile choice for various spaces in your home.

For floating shelves, our shallow wicker trays are a great solution for your wicker storage needs. Find out more, here.

Corner Shelving

Transforming often neglected corner spaces can be achieved by integrating wicker baskets into purpose-built shelving units. This design not only introduces additional storage capacity but also contributes to an elevated visual aesthetic within the room.  

More than just serving a practical purpose, the integration of wicker baskets combines both aesthetic appeal and functionality, elevating the overall atmosphere of the room with a unified design.

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Are Wicker Baskets Good for Storage?

Yes, wicker baskets are good for storage due to their versatility, aesthetic appeal, and practicality. Their natural and woven structure makes them lightweight, yet sturdy enough to withstand the weight of various items. Whether used for organising daily essentials, creating an attractive display, or optimising space in various areas of the home, wicker baskets offer a timeless and functional option for effective storage.

Large Wicker Baskets For Storage: What Is Best To Store in Them?

You can store an array of things in wicker baskets, but if you wish to utilise large wicker baskets, you could store these items in them:

  • Blankets and throws
  • Pillows and cushions
  • Magazines and books
  • Children’s toys
  • Extra linens and bedding

How To Hang Wicker Baskets on Wall For Storage

Follow the steps below to learn how to step up wicker baskets for wall storage:

  1. Begin by arranging the baskets on the floor in the desired placement. 
  2. Measure and mark the spacing on the wall, ensuring level alignment. 
  3. Install wall anchors or screws at the marked points, making sure they are securely attached to the wall. 
  4. Finally, hang the baskets on the installed anchors or screws using hooks or wires, ensuring they are evenly spaced and level. 

Wicker Basket Storage: Tips for Spring Cleaning 

Unsure how to clean your wicker basket? See our cleaning tips below. 

How Often Should You Clean Wicker Baskets?

Proper maintenance of wicker baskets is vital. If plants are held in baskets that encounter moisture, mould or mildew can develop. This means that frequent cleaning is essential.

For baskets used in food storage or food service, thorough cleaning after each use is crucial for hygiene. Decorative and dry storage baskets, on the other hand, necessitate weekly dusting and periodic thorough cleaning as required to ensure their aesthetic appeal and longevity. 

Check out our blog to learn more about how often you should clean your wicker basket.

How Do You Remove Mould From Wicker Baskets?

To remove mould from wicker baskets, take them outside to avoid spreading spores indoors. Brush off loose mould, then mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a bucket. Gently scrub the affected areas with a cloth or sponge, reaching into crevices. 

Then, air-dry the baskets in a well-ventilated space. For stubborn mould, add a teaspoon of baking soda to the vinegar solution. Don’t forget to wear protective gear while handling the mould. 

What Should I Clean My Wicker Basket With?

The best products to clean your basket include:

Quality Wicker Baskets From Northern Willow 

At Northern Willow, we have a range of wicker baskets and hampers designed for home storage. The way you choose to utilise these baskets is entirely at your discretion as each home possesses its own distinct character and style. If you have any questions or need help designing your home, contact us today! Our team is happy to help you with your wicker storage needs.