How To Arrange Blankets in a Basket

by Jasmine Savery

Using cosy throws, pillows, and textured rugs is a great way to create a warm and inviting home while adding some practicality during the colder evenings. But, creating a well-styled home comes down to the tiny details, as they can be the difference between a corner looking cluttered, or a thoughtfully-curated corner. One often overlooked detail is how you style blankets in a basket.

Folding: Creates a clean, organised look, perfect for fitting many blankets in one basket. Fold blankets into rectangles or squares and stack them.

Rolling: Offers a relaxed, casual appearance and saves space, especially in round baskets. Fold the blanket until its height slightly exceeds the basket's, then roll and slot them in with the tops peeking out.

Draping: Ideal for a casual, organic look. Roughly fold and drape blankets into the basket, leaving a corner to peek over the edge for a 'lived-in' feel.

Whether you’re aiming for a rustic, minimalist, or chic aesthetic, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to arrange blankets in a basket.

How To Style a Blanket Basket

Styling blankets in a basket is certainly not at the top of everyone’s to-do list, but, if you’re anything like us, you love spending time perfecting the tiniest of details within your home. Below, we’ve outlined a step-by-step guide on styling the perfect blanket basket.

Choose the Right Basket Material

Choose blankets that complement your room’s colour scheme and overall decor. If you already have a certain material present in your home, stick with a similar vibe for your blanket basket. Some of our favourite basket materials include:

Whilst you can also choose a paper rope basket, or even a wooden crate, they don’t add to the cosy feel of a blanket basket, so we usually avoid them for this type of décor. 

Choose the Correct Basket Shape & Size

You should consider not only the material but also the shape of your basket. Personally, we love using round or oval baskets for this type of styling as they are a more organic shape, and add visual interest next to typically square/rectangular spaces. 

However, if you’d describe your home style as slick, or very minimalistic, a square basket often looks a bit neater, and is easier to keep tidy. They also work well in smaller areas, as they can slot nicely under a coffee table or next to a sofa.

Size is down to personal preference. We like to be able to fit at least three chunky knits into our blanket baskets, but the size you select is entirely up to you.

Here at Northern Willow, we have a basket to suit every need. Explore our range of round, square, and rectangular baskets

Select Your Blankets

Choose blankets that complement your room’s colour scheme and overall décor. Our personal home style is very neutral, so we opt for blankets that are beige, grey, or cream in colour. As long as you have a selection of complimentary tones, the colour is entirely up to you. 

Our top tip is to choose a selection of different textures to add visual interest to your blanket basket. Include at least one chunky knit throw with a smooth fleece blanket, finishing with a lightweight cotton quilt. Blankets with extra design features such as trim or tassels also help your basket arrangement to look extra stylish!

Some of our favourite places to buy blankets and throws include The White Company, Marks and Spencer, and The British Blanket Company.

Fold, Roll, or Drape Your Blankets

Right. Onto the important bit - styling your blanket basket. Decide whether you want to fold, roll, or drape your blankets. Each method gives a different aesthetic:

  • Folding: Creates a clean and organised look, and is great for fitting lots of blankets into the same basket. Fold blankets into rectangles or squares, depending on the size of your basket and lay one on top of another.
  • Rolling: Gives a more relaxed and casual appearance - it's a personal favourite. Rolling is also a space-saver and works well with round baskets. Simply fold your blanket in half, and half again, until the height of your blanket is slightly more than the basket itself. Then, slot your blankets into the basket, so the top of the rolls peek out.
  • Draping: Draping works well for a more casual, organic look. It creates more of a ‘lived in’ look compared to the folding or rolling method. To make your draped blankets look effortlessly good, give your blankets a rough fold and drape them into the basket, leaving a corner to peek out over the edge.

Don’t be afraid to combine some of the methods above to achieve your desired look!! Then, take a step back and assess your arrangement. Adjust the blankets as needed to ensure they are evenly distributed and aesthetically pleasing. Fluff the blankets to add volume.

Where Can You Put a Blanket Basket?

Banket baskets are a great way to spruce up an empty corner in almost any room, as well as nooks, hallways, and landing spaces. Here are some of our favourite places for a blanket basket:

In a Living Room

The living room is one of the most common places for a blanket basket. It keeps blankets within easy reach for movie nights or chilly evenings.

  • Beside the Sofa: Position the basket next to the sofa or loveseat. This makes it convenient to grab a blanket while watching TV or reading a book.
  • Near the Fireplace: If you have a fireplace, place the basket nearby to enhance the cosy atmosphere. Just ensure it's a safe distance from the flames.

In a Bedroom or Guest Room

In the bedroom, a blanket basket can add an extra layer of comfort and style.

  • At the Foot of the Bed: Place a basket at the foot of your bed for easy access to extra blankets during the night. It also serves as a decorative piece that ties the room together.
  • Beside a Reading Nook: If you have a chair or a small reading nook in your bedroom, position the basket nearby for a cosy reading experience.

Have you ever been staying at a friend’s house and been freezing cold during the night? If you’re like us, you might have felt too awkward to ask for an extra layer! Nobody wants to be stuck in this situation, which is why we always have a blanket basket close to wherever a guest might be sleeping for the night. 

At a Wedding Venue

If you have an outdoor seating area at your wedding, a blanket basket can be a cosy addition to the décor, whilst also giving the guests something to wrap up with when the evening gets chilly. 

Use cheap and cheerful blankets, so that you don’t worry too much about them getting muddy or lost. Style them in a basket with a cute sign saying something like “to have and to hold, in case you get cold”

Gorgeous Blanket Baskets From Northern Willow

Whether placed by the fireplace, in the living room, or at the foot of your bed, a well-arranged blanket basket is a charming addition to any space. If you’re looking for the perfect blanket basket, check out the range available from Northern Willow.

If you have any questions or need help choosing the perfect blanket basket, contact our team! Our team is happy to help you with your wicker storage needs.

Happy decorating!